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BBC Wales News
here s where to catchgeraintthomas86 as he competes on home turf for the first time since winning the tdf2018
Here's where to catch@GeraintThomas86 as he competes on home turf for the first time since winning the #tdf2018
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Donald J. Trump
wsj obama admin must account for abuse of surveillance powers via breitbartnews
WSJ: Obama Admin Must Account for ‘Abuse of Surveillance Powers’ via @BreitbartNews
The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
mcconnell blocks attempt to make full mueller report public
McConnell blocks attempt to make full Mueller report public
Robert Reich
throughout his career mcconnell has blocked a bipartisan statement warning of putin s cyberattacks legislation
Throughout his career McConnell has blocked:
--A bipartisan statement warning of Putin's cyberattacks.
--Legislation that would make it easier to vote.
--The release of the Mueller report.
--A Supreme Court nominee.

At every turn, he has used his power to stifle democracy.
The Hill
breaking justice dept sides with court ruling obamacare unconstitutional
#BREAKING: Justice Dept sides with court ruling Obamacare unconstitutional
Gov. Mike Huckabee
breaking wind from cnnformer cia director john brennan beats world speed record for scuttling backwards curren
Breaking wind from CNN!Former CIA Director John Brennan beats world speed record for scuttling backwards currently held by crabs.
The White House
thousands of stories nonstop airtime two years of false claims buried corrections and walk backs the american
Thousands of stories. Nonstop airtime. Two years of false claims, buried corrections, and walk-backs.

The American people deserve better.
Nancy Pelosi
tonight in federal court the trump admin declared all out war on affordable dependable health care in the cour
Tonight in federal court, the Trump Admin declared all out war on affordable, dependable health care. In the courts, in the Congress, all across America, Democrats will fight relentlessly to #ProtectOurCare!
Washington Examiner
says and their media lackeys created a narrative of collusion because they couldn t explain the outcome of th
. @DonaldJTrumpJr says @TheDemocrats and their "media lackeys" created a narrative of collusion "because they couldn't explain the outcome of the last election."

"My father... [has] been able to move the needle for [USA] in a way that Barack Obama couldn't come close to doing."
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Washington Examiner
labels the leader of the tinfoil hat brigade trump asserts that schiff is lying to the american people with t
.@DonaldJTrumpJr labels @AdamSchiffCA the "leader of the tinfoil hat brigade."

Trump asserts that Schiff is "lying to the American people" with the help of the media.
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The White House
two years and 25 million taxpayer dollars went into the made for tv russian collusion drama the grand finale n
Two years and 25 million taxpayer dollars went into the made-for-TV "Russian collusion" drama.

The grand finale? No collusion. No obstruction. And no accountability from those who falsely accused the sitting President of the United States.

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