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Start your weekend with @grahnort as he talks 💁women's history with @Lucy_Worsley, 🎭 London's West End with @andynyman and @JudyKuhn1, and Irish author @annegriffin09 will be talking all about her stunning debut novel ✨📚

🎧 Live from 10am.
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“I feel like I’ve just started really coming into my own.”

@EllenPage talks about coming out as a gay woman and the anxiety she felt. This is a story she finds hard to tell but it’s so important ❤️

🎧 Listen @bbcmusic:
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🎤 @GabrielleUk's cover of Womack & Womack's Teardrops is beautiful ❤️

📺 Watch the full performance:
🎧 Listen to the whole show on @bbcmusic:
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The new Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle film has SIX THOUSAND extras. But misses four very important people out.

It's been a whirlwind week of celebs, smiles and giggles 😂 Hear the very best bits in @ZoeTheBall's Podcast, with @ClaudiaWinkle, @TessDaly, @AlanCarr, @sanditoksvig and @GabrielleUk 🌟

🎧 Listen @bbcmusic:
Tomorrow from 10am @grahnort is joined by:

🌟 Historian @Lucy_Worsley delving into women’s history 💁
🌟 @andynyman and @JudyKuhn1 on taking @FiddlerWestEnd to London’s West End 🎭
🌟 Irish author @annegriffin09 talking about her stunning debut novel ✨📚
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🎶 @JackSavoretti’s kids stayed up late to hear their Dad play live on the radio. So cute 💕

🎧 Hear his beautiful live performance of ‘Candlelight’ with @jowhiley on @bbcmusic:
"It's amazing! These people finding themselves. It's so full of love and joy" 🌈

Get ready to be OBSESSED as the iconic @RuPaul's #DragRace comes to the UK.

🎧 Hear @AlanCarr talk about what to expect as the show comes to @bbcthree:
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🔊 Listen on @bbcsounds -
📞 08000 288291 📱 88291 ✉️
(Charge info -
4️⃣ Has spring sprung? @TheJeremyVine Show head to Rhondda Valley to talk allotments with Terry Walton.

The Most Relevant

Yes - that's right - @onedirection - on with Steve Wright - this afternoon!
.@achrisevans is #nowplaying @onedirection's BRAND NEW SINGLE 'Perfect'. Wow!
.@onedirection's @LiamPayne "I got to work with my modern musical hero..." @achrisevans
What exactly is #KPop and who are ? 🤔
's gets up to speed on the huge excitement surrounding Korean Pop... (it's like 'Beatlemania' for 2018!)
How great were 's choices this #TracksOfMyYearsweek? He tells what they mean to him 👉
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The dancing policeman, young people having fun, and the infectious joy of music during 's set at #OneLoveManchester
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You need to watch this! 🎢 😂

Catch up with and ' first show from Orlando, Florida. 👉
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Don't miss out on most intimate gig ever for Enter now to win tickets #500words
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Rest In Peace, June. You really were absolutely fabulous.
.@bbcradio2 are sad to announce Terry Wogan has died at the age of 77. There is a special tribute on air from 9am.
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