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Happy #FakeLoveFriday  and also #InternationalMuseumDay  because let's be real, this is art, @BTS_twt . ??✨

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I, too am running for president* *have new music out

#PresidentParis ✨💕👸🏼💕✨ I like the sound of that.😉 #ThatsHot  🔥 #MakeAmericaHotAgain  US

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A hoe a sit on her ass and spend all your money and can’t respect you as a man !!!!! You a goofy dude

#2 on billboard same one they counted out 🦅

Kanye West Says He's Running for President: What He'd Need to Do by November to Be Taken Seriously​

Some days you burn the toast and make up a little song about it to amuse the kids, then realise that the kids aren't there on a Sunday and you're just standing in an empty house as night falls, singing a calypso about toast to nobody