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🎤🔥 challenged Jade from to do the rap from 's 'Can't Hold Us' and, well, SHE SMASHED IT 👏
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Update: After Judge Signs No-Bail Warrant, R. Kelly Has Surrendered To Chicago Police. He Faces Up To 70 Years If Found Guilty On All 10 Counts:
A new, fan-created database, #ARMYPEDIA, dedicated to BTS will come into existence over following weeks #BillboardNews
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New girl group @ITZYofficial start with one of the best K-pop debuts on the Billboard charts ever
When the queen @lupita_nyongo herself welcomes you to the family... @LancomeUSA 💕
Amazing few days in Milan so great to meet the legendary Donatella Versace and see this beautiful man @idriselba, one of the funniest times seeing you and Sabrina having a dance 😂😂😂
What struck me is how propagandized these kids are. This helps you understand the Nazi kids movements of the 1930s. Fake panic is generated to meet a fake threat, and anyone who thinks differently is “out of step with the Fuhrer”
BREAKING: R. Kelly’s bond set at $1,000,000.

The singer is facing up to 70 years in prison for sexual abuse charges. Details to come.
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