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Latest Scoops

"You're so basic Claire Foy" 😂

We LOVE that Claire Foy has a Grumpy Cat wall calendar.
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It's always a pleasure to have @BlossomsBand in the Live Lounge 💜

'How Long Will This Last' sounded so good today 😍 #R1LiveLoungeMonth
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🎉 The Rap Show has got a brand new host! 🎉

Please welcome @tiffanycalver who'll be taking over @1Xtra and @BBCR1 every Saturday, 9-11pm, from January 2019 👊🏾
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THIS is how you make your Live Lounge debut 👏👏👏

@LewisCapaldi's cover of 'Shallow' by @ladygaga and Bradley Cooper is completely breathtaking 😍

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Remember that time @Harry_Styles was a bingo caller at a retirement home for the day?

RT to bless a timeline near you ❤️

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"I think it was a cop out from J.K. Rowling"

Eddie Redmayne's reaction to @bastilledan's BRAVE Unpopular Opinion is amazing 🤭

*Harry Potter fans beware*
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"I felt like I had to explain that there is a gap for young black people, that there isn't always a level playing field."

Listen to Stormzy talk to @celspellman about his university scholarship, inspirations and the #MERKY story so far: https://t.co/Bfr7rqfYvG
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.@JessGlynne's 'Thursday' sounds like it was made for the Live Lounge 😍

Big love to Jess for stopping by today - look out for the full set later, or listen back on @bbcmusic now 💜 #R1LiveLoungeMonth
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Avicii, @NinaSimoneMusic, @PostMalone...

Discover the inspirations behind @RitaOra's new album 'Phoenix' 🎶

Listen on @bbcmusic here 👉 https://t.co/IUP5rEHf5J
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