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Labour defectors 'betrayed' seats, says Emily Thornberry
We're hearing reports of people dancing in their kitchens to the #Brexitcast mix.

Please don't hurt or embarrass yourselves.

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Busy #marr in the morning

Environment Secretary @michaelgove

Labour Deputy Leader @tom_watson

@TheIndGroup MPs @heidiallen75 & @lucianaberger

Plus all the Sunday news w/ @Kevin_Maguire & Amanda Platell

Don't miss it. BBC One, 10am.
Ted asked last night's Any Questions? panel "Are the two main political parties being ruled from the extremes of their respective parties?"

Here's his answer. Tell us what you think #bbcaq
The UK needs an updated law on treason, says the Tory MP @TomTugendhat, chair of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee - "The crime of betrayal is a distinct and specific offence" #WeekInWestminster
LibDem leader in the Lords, @RichardNewby3 (Lord Newby),says "it is literally inconceivable" that the government can get all its Brexit legislation through in time without either emergency procedures or parliament sitting all night and at weekends #WeekInWestminster
Flexible working: Labour pledges new employee rights
.@ChukaUmunna "I simply cannot go out and argue that Jeremy Corbyn and the team around him should be put in charge of the national security of this country."

@LadyBasildon "I'd be much happier seeing Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister than
Theresa May."

"No self respecting Tory government should ever deliberately inflict an act of self-harm upon the people we represent"

Solicitor General @RobertBuckland on this week's Any Questions? #bbcaq

The Most Relevant

The most British thing you'll see today happened in Downing Street this morning, and it involved and a thoughtful police officer

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Conservative MP attacked "ideologically driven" colleagues with "gold-plated pensions and inherited wealth" for ignoring the "reality" of Brexit.
Boris Johnson and Michael Gove should be jailed for "the £350m lie they put on the red bus" during the #Brexit referendum campaign, says - drawing comparison with company law

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"What an absolute fiasco this is" - Tory MP @Anna_Soubry says UK politics is "becoming the laughing stock of the world"

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Meet the housemates with the 68 year age gap. Florence (95) met her housemate Alexandra (27) through a scheme to tackle loneliness.
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.@DesmondSwayne MP just fell asleep in the House of Commons.
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Tony Blair on #Brexit: Literally why are we doing it?

Former PM, who supports a #PeoplesVote, tells #marr the choice is between “painful and pointless”

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Britain's EU referendum was "dangerous, even stupid" says @eucopresident Donald Tusk - claiming David Cameron only promised it because he thought there was "no risk" of it actually happening

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Watch 's reaction when Tory MP tells him the are going to form a "strong and stable" government.
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