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100,162 have died within 28 days of a #Covid19  test That’s roughly 1 in 660 British people The capacity of Wembley Stadium, and then some more 14 times more than all the casualties of every war the United Kingdom has fought since 1945 #Newsnight  | @lewis_goodall 

“One of the hardest things for many of us… [is] to know that all of these individual tragedies are happening when it feels so many could be prevented.” - Co-founder of @CovidJusticeUk Jo Goodman, who lost her dad to Covid, comments on the UK reaching 100,000 deaths #Newsnight 

“There’s been some bad luck with evolution of this more virulent strain… but we’ve also had decades of under-investment in the NHS that’s been left with no stretch capacity.“ - Sage member @TweedieChap  on why the UK's de #Covid19th  rate has been so high #Newsnight 

"There is no playbook for any government across the world to follow here." But Conservative MP @Tobias_Ellwood  says "looking back" Eat Out To Help Out and locking down too late in March did contribute to the UK's high infection rate #Newsnight  |

“They have to be reassured they haven’t been forgotten." Commenting the impact of #Covid19  on other illnesses, @RCSnews  President Neil Mortensen says "it's incredibly difficult" to give patients an accurate idea of when they might get their surgery #Newsnight 

"The dead don’t go till you do, loved ones. The dead are still here holding our hands." As the UK reaches 100,000 coronavirus deaths, @JackieKayPoet  reads her poem 'Darling' about the loss of her friend, Julia Darling, for #Newsnight  👇

“We’re hearing from more students than ever who are having to access food banks just to make ends meet.” @nusuk  President Larissa Kennedy says the jobs students would ordinarily do “are disappearing before our eyes” #Newsnight  |

"There is still hope because we are still moving through this, and there will be an after." Journalist and novelist, John Lanchester, shares his words of wisdom on hope from his grandmother – who with her husband was held in an internment camp in Japan#Newsnight 

The prime minister said he is 'deeply sorry' as UK #Covid19  deaths exceed 100,000. How did we get to this grim milestone? Policy Editor reports 👉 @lewis_goodall  #Newsnight 

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Emma Thompson tells us the Harvey Weinstein allegations are just the tip of the iceberg of a wider and systemic problem in Hollywood

"We can react in anger. Or we can react by doing" - powerful interview with blood donor Ian in Manchester

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"For the first time since the Second World War we have a domestic, proscribed terrorist group. It's right-wing, it's neo-Nazi, it's proudly white supremacist." The Met's former counter-terrorism chief says Britain hasn't "woken up" to the extreme right-wing #newsnight 

"I am sorry but if you are a white man you don't get to define what racism is" : Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie#newsnight 

By popular demand, here's our playout from last night...

“The government should have given funding to existing ventilator manufacturers, and existing companies like us.” Andrew Raynor of MEC Medical, a medical parts manufacturer, says “nothing” happened when he contacted the govt offering to make #Covid19  ventilators #Newsnight 

“What we’ve seen in Spain the last few weeks is outrageous, it’s a shock for every democrat in the EU” argues #newsnight 

We took a closer look at p48 of the Tory manifesto... @maitlis : Is this a shifting away from a legal framework, to a political framework? @LordCFalconer : It is... so if Mr Johnson becomes PM again, he won't be restrained by the courts from acting unlawfully #Newsnight  | #GE19