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Can Finland overcome the peat industry and become carbon neutral by 2035? 📽️ Finland: The Race To Go Carbon Neutral ⏰ First broadcast: Sat 07:10 GMT. More times: 📺 #Newsnight  @ggatehouse  @maya_rstw 

Len McCluskey: "Richard Burgon has a particular vision..." @lewis_goodall : "What specifically?" "I've just told you - the vision!" TONIGHT AT 22.30: Unite General Secretary @LenMcCluskey1  explains to Newsnight why they backed Rebecca Long-Bailey and Richard Burgon #Newsnight 

China has widened travel restrictions in Hubei province, as the coronavirus death toll climbs. Last night, the Wellcome Trust's told it could take " @JeremyFarrar  mini #Newsnightum  of 3-6 months" for a vaccine to be developed

An investigation by Newsnight and Greenpeace has revealed that a government agency is supporting fossil fuel projects abroad. So just how serious is the UK about the climate emergency? WATCH: | #Newsnight  @JamesClayton5 

After falling for many years, there has recently been a rise in infant mortality rates. They're highest in the West Midlands, and public health officials have launched an investigation to find out why. WATCH: | | #Newsnight  @deb_cohen  @jakemorristw 

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"They'd share me, and if I didn't, they'd tell me they would kill me." Following Newsnight's report on the handling of child sex exploitation cases by the Greater Manchester Police, 'Lucy', approached us with her story Watch the full report: #Newsnight 

“You can see some really significant increases… the vast majority of MPs and CLP Chairmen did think that many were joining to vote specifically for Keir Starmer.” Policy editor @lewis_goodall  reveals an influx of new members joining the Labour Party#Newsnight 

“In today’s democracy more than ever we really need to hear from our citizens.” Professor David Farrell, who helped establish the Irish citizens' assemblies, says politics is changing from being about voting to “kick the rascals out” to being “more voice-centred” #Newsnight 


Emma Thompson tells us the Harvey Weinstein allegations are just the tip of the iceberg of a wider and systemic problem in Hollywood

"We can react in anger. Or we can react by doing" - powerful interview with blood donor Ian in Manchester

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“This is one of those moments where Britain actually has a responsibility… to defend an agreement between two nations,” says @TomTugendhat  on the Hong Kong protests. He adds “there is no foreign interference”. This is just about protecting the joint declaration #Newsnight 

"I am sorry but if you are a white man you don't get to define what racism is" : Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie#newsnight 

We took a closer look at p48 of the Tory manifesto... @maitlis : Is this a shifting away from a legal framework, to a political framework? @LordCFalconer : It is... so if Mr Johnson becomes PM again, he won't be restrained by the courts from acting unlawfully #Newsnight  | #GE19 

By popular demand, here's our playout from last night...

“What we’ve seen in Spain the last few weeks is outrageous, it’s a shock for every democrat in the EU” argues #newsnight 

“Even if you just look at the total amount that Labour currently wants to increase the spending, it would basically bring us still to levels that are lower than France, Norway, and Sweden.” - Economist Mariana Mazzucato on Labour’s spending plans #Newsnight  | @MazzucatoM 

David Bowie died three years ago today. FROM THE ARCHIVES: Speaking to Newsnight in 1999, he predicted the internet was going to have "unimaginable" effects on society and "change the state of content" forever Watch the interview here: | #newsnight  #tbt