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Holidaymakers hit as pound falls https://t.co/PoLkQ9nNEZ
Obituary: Adrian Cronauer - the real Good Morning, Vietnam DJ https://t.co/hA09TO54qc
For Ireland & Northern Ireland "I'm working for a deal, not for a no deal" - chief EU neg#Brexitotiator @MichelBarnierhttps://t.co/vLUD6BxJjn
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"We have to be prepared for all scenarios, including no deal"

EU's chief negotiator @MichelBarnier warns time is short, and members are "accelerating" preparations for a no deal #Brexit

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"We are not asking for a border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK"

Chief negotiator @MichelBarnier says EU is open to any "workable" solution to avoid a hard Irish border after #Brexit

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"There are 13 weeks left" to negotiate #Brexit agreement - we've all seen there's an "intense" debate continuing in the UK - chief EU Brexit
negotiator @MichelBarnier https://t.co/vLUD6BxJjn
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UK heatwave shuts part of Leeds & Liverpool canal https://t.co/2NTSSBmJSZ
From Bob Marley to... Bob the Builder #Now100

The butterflies spotted in your back garden and beyond https://t.co/s0xSh7jzxw
Baby in Birmingham car-jacking ordeal reunited with mum https://t.co/eju6DAeCnJ
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