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How #FakeNews about the economy has impacted ordinary Iranians
Turkey has not shared any audio recordings relating to the #Khashoggi case with anyone, according to Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu
Russian training aircraft crashes over the Sea of Azov. Pilots are feared dead. - Defence ministry.
With elections due in Afghanistan tomorrow, here's how Islamic State's "Khorasan Province” has become its most potent franchise. https://t.co/TaQax3upHD
Afghan sources reporting that elections will be postponed in Kandahar following the killing of police chief Gen Abdul Raziq yesterday.
President Putin says Russia's military will take into service the strategic hypersonic missile system Avangard "within months"
3/ The Taliban have now claimed responsibility for the attack that killed Kandahar Police Chief Abdul Raziq
2/ Reports now saying the shooting took place after the meeting as officials were on their way to a helipad.
President Putin says yesterday's massacre at a college in Crimea is a "result of globalisation".
Kandahar's influential police chief Gen Abdul Raziq has been killed in a shooting during an "official meeting" Afghan Ariana News TV reports.
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