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Turkish PM says ground forces likely to enter #Afrin tomorrow to "conduct necessary activities, depending on developments".
#Syria government "strongly denounces the unjust Turkish aggression against the city of #Afrin" - state TV reports.
Russia's defence ministry says "uncontrolled deliveries of modern weapons" from the US military to pro-American groups in northern Syria prompted Turkey's military incursion into #Afrin.
Russian forces have withdrawn from #Afrin as Turkey's operation begins, according to the Russian ministry of defence. Moscow has until now been tight-lipped on its military presence in the area.
The start of Turkey's operation in #Afrin has been "greeted with concern in Moscow", according to a Russian Foreign Ministry statement
Sky News Arabia footage of air strikes in #Afrin.
The Turkish Armed forces have named the assault on #Afrin Operation Olive Branch.
Turkish TV airs #Erdogan speech alongside footage of operations at the Syrian border. (TRT Haber) #Afrin
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says military operations in #Afrin have begun.
Drug trafficking organisations have multiplied in #Mexico despite the ‘#WarOnDrugs’ policy by then-President Felipe Calderón in 2006. Find out why: https://t.co/WXaJGjeJyc [Subscription-only] #narcotrafico
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