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My bosses have approved a new business card for me: Jon Sopel Another Beauty North America Editor

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Jon Sopel Beauty North / America Editor

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25, wow! I am surprised there are so many. We have just begun to fight. Please send me a list of the 25 RINOS. I read the Fake News Washington Post as little as possible!

Trump has proven that all the warnings from @RepAdamSchiff  during impeachment proceedings were precisely accurate and the inability of almost the entire Republican Party to accept and comprehend that mirrors the party’s inability to accept and comprehend that Biden defeated him

After the Deep State Sabotaged His Presidential Bid, Bernie Sanders Mocks Those Who Believe it Exists

I’m proud the House took a historic step yesterday to pass the MORE Act. This would finally end the federal prohibition on marijuana and advance criminal justice reform.

Let’s be sure we keep a close eye on what is happening at the Pentagon and Department of Justice between now and Inauguration Day.

What’s happening in Worcester is happening all across our country. We must do more for medically underserved communities hit hardest by COVID-19. @RepBarbaraLee  and I have a bill to fund testing, contact tracing, and outreach for those who need it most. 

1) FL's true number of infections is likely ~50% higher than NY right now once you adjust for the amount of testing: 2) NY is not mostly closed. Schools (re)open, gyms open, indoor dining at 25-50% capacity (+ creative interpretations of "outdoor" dining)

The rollout of Biden’s economic team was smooth — largely kept Dems happy. Big reason was he was consulting with @elizabethforma  throughout. She was privately pushing Yellen, and Biden personally called her and told her of his decision before announcing it

I think a weird distortion in the discourse is that the media is very NYC-centric, but New York has both very low levels of violent crime and according to @samswey 's data the NYPD is least violent big department.

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