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Worlds / Perfect Planet / Frozen Planet / Green Planet / Planet Earth

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Contracts signed for road projects, government formation talks told

Encouraging health behaviours to tackle the pandemic

Trinity names winners of inaugural transition year language competition

Many people think “mad as a hatter” refers to the mental and physical side effects hat makers endured from using mercury in their craft

The fascism just gets thicker by the day. And as in the past, they all allowed it to happen. Trump expected to sign executive order that could threaten punishment against Facebook, Google and Twitter over allegations of political bias

This country past 100,000 dead today from a disease that was partly preventable. A majority of those dead are black and brown people. People of color are at hugely greater risk in the climate emergency. The entire system is designed to keep white people comfortable. No more.

While the focus was firmly on KSC, Starship SN4 received a mass simulator, likely to stimulate the mass of a nosecone ahead of its hop. Includes SN5 and SN6 views. Video and Photos from Mary @BocaChicaGal ). Edited by Jack Beyer @thejackbeyer ). 👉

Do you want to speak faster❓

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Reflecting the International Space Station: