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#SevenWorldsOnePlanet Behind-the-scenes #EarthOnLocation. Share your stories #EarthCapture This is a page from BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes.

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Why 500 million bees have died in Brazil in three months 😢

Octopuses have blue blood, no bones and three hearts. 🐙 #OctopusInMyHouse 

Weather-related events are estimated to displace 143 million people by 2050 – but rising seas are already threatening tiny tropical nations 😲 @BBC_Future 

"When you hit dinosaur bone, it sounds different" 😮 The fascinating insight into "Mission Jurassic" - arguably the UK's biggest dinosaur hunt in decades!

A WOW moment as kayakers witness a glacier falling apart in front of them 😮 @BBCNews 

Five ways UK farmers are tackling climate change 🚜

Even in the Arctic, microscopic particles of plastic are falling out of the sky with snow 😳


With Sefu sleeping on the job, it's up to Kali to protect her cubs from a pack of wild dogs. #Serengeti 

The biggest cheer of the afternoon at #Glastonbury2019  went to Sir David Attenborough ❤️ He introduced #SevenWorldsOnePlanet  a new BBC Earth series on the Pyramid Stage. 🙌

Seals are actually just dogs of the sea 😍 #EarthCapture  by @Sealdiver 

Scientists accidentally grew a chicken with the face of a dinosaur

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Africa's smallest cat is also the world's deadliest! 😼 #BigCats  continues this Thursday 8pm on @BBCOne 

Every turtle that was seen or filmed by the #PlanetEarth2  crew was collected and put back into the sea.

Funny – I also cover myself in shells to hide from people I want to avoid #BluePlanet2 

Seven continents, all unique. Your first look at David Attenborough’s next series. This is #SevenWorldsOnePlanet  🌍 🎶'Out There’ by @Sia  and @RealHansZimmer