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I am Home Affairs Correspondent for BBC News. Police, prisons, law, crime and terrorism. Before that Moscow Correspondent so still tweet about Russia/Ukraine.

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BBC News - BBC confronts dogfighter about international trade in fighting dogs
BBC News - Dogfighting trader secretly filmed arranging sale
BBC News - Inside the illegal world of organised dogfighting
I am now actually quite upset that Arkady @advorkovich and Natalya Timakova never bought me a drink.
James Goddard has been charged with assault.

GMP: "A man has been charged following an assault at a protest in Manchester City Centre."

"James Goddard of Altrincham has been charged with assault and a public order offence. "

He has been bailed.
Now @Jeremy_Hunt and @foreignoffice, we need a response.
Also, have you seen tracksuit trousers like this before?
The two British men crossed the border in a small boat and have been returned to Moldova. Why try to cross into Ukraine illegally? Why not just show your passport and go in? No visa needed.

The Most Relevant

Brexit, in a single shot. This morning at the EU summit.
I have a general rule against tweeting Russia Today footage. But rules are made to be broken
David Cameron: "Thank you very much........................doo, doo, doo, doo. Right...Good." (The End)
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Fellow MEP in the European Parliament as Nigel Farage speaks. "He's lying to you" the sign says.
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Lawyer for Sergei Magnitsky's family Nikolai Gorokhov has been "thrown from the 4th floor of his apartment building" in Moscow.
When that letter "F" fell off (the last "E" then fell off later,)
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The Berlin wall has now been down for longer than it was up.
Asked his name the defendant in the dock says "My name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain."
Apart from getting the name of the suburb wrong, the number of jihadists wrong, the number of mosques wrong, the location of the murder wrong, the reason for the veil ban wrong, and the profession of the teacher wrong, what was wrong with the original article? 😮
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