Sir Bruce Forsyth / British

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Sir Bruce Forsyth / British

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"Witch hunt after witch hunt after witch hunt," says @POTUS , decrying congressional investigations amid a pandemic. "It's ridiculous."

FEMA is warning states not to expect any shipments of ventilators until they are within 72 hours of a crisis.

Louisiana hospitals bracing for a surge in patients as the state records 2,700+ new cases in one day @DrRobertHart  discusses

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Trump [reading]: “I want to remind everyone that this is not the time for politics." [3 seconds later] “It’s witch hunt after witch hunt after witch hunt. And the people doing the hunting have been losing. And losing by a lot.” Jesus H. Christ (I try to say this sparingly.)

we could solve our energy problems forever by harnessing the heat produced by the raging arrogance of this idiot dilettante

The captain of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier facing a growing outbreak of the coronavirus was fired Thursday by Navy leaders who said he created a panic by sending his memo pleading for help to too many people.

Welp, there goes Trump's new 'somber' tone: "It's witch hunt after witch hunt after witch hunt. And in the end it's people doing the witch hunt who are losing...conducting these partisan investigations during a pandemic is a really big waste of vital resources, time, attention."

#Developing : As of tomorrow, all New Yorkers can get free meals at one of NYC's 435 grab and go food locations. Details here:

President Trump: "This is not the time for politics. Endless partisan investigations -- here we go again -- have already done extraordinary damage to our country in recent years. You see what happens. It's witch hunt after witch hunt after witch hunt."

A convenience store clerk in rural Maine says she noticed a lot of older folks were coming in to buy food. She wanted to help them stay at home, so she began delivering their groceries — with the help of her sled dogs.