Justin Trudeau

Canada's PM Justin Trudeau admits he can't remember how often he wore blackface, as row deepens ahead of election

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Justin Trudeau

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Trump considering Kellyanne Conway as his next chief of staff after Mick Mulvaney’s quid pro quo disaster: Bloomberg

Finally: voting yes at the second stage is saying that you want to continue scrutinising and perhaps amending a bill, NOT that you want it to become law. This will be spun as if it’s “parliament voted for the deal”. That isn’t really what it means.

Miska, a three-year-old snow leopard, plays in fresh snow delivered to her enclosure at Melbourne Zoo

Almost every state in the country is now investigating Facebook

Breaking News: Boris Johnson has lost a crucial vote to fast-track his Brexit proposal, all but assuring that Britain won't leave the EU by the Oct. 31 deadline

NEW: “Given the history in our country, I would not compare this to a lynching. That was an unfortunate choice of words," Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tells @marykbruce  when asked about President Trump comparing the impeachment inquiry to a "lynching."

Federal prosecutors have brought new bribery charges against Lori Loughlin and 10 other parents who pleaded not guilty in the college admissions case, signaling an effort to increase potential consequences for parents who intend to fight the accusations

Parents who have pleaded not guilty in the college admissions scam, including Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli, now face an additional bribery charge, federal prosecutors announced

WATCH: Sen. Lindsey Graham backs President Trump, calls House impeachment inquiry a "lynching in every sense."