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This is the first ever photo of a black hole, unveiled today after a decade of work by scientists

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Sherry Singleton kept going to work even after her friend and colleague ended up in the ICU. Now she’s in the hospital, too.

Today, the Patriots plane landed at Boston Logan to deliver over 1M N95 masks for healthcare workers. Governor Baker had secured the masks from Chinese manufacturers, but had no way of getting them back to the U.S. - until the Kraft family stepped in.

Peter Navarro: “One of the things that this crisis has taught us, sir, is that we are dangerously over dependent on a global supply chain.. Never again should we depend on the rest of the world for essential medicines and countermeasures.”

The state of Georgia is home to CNN and the Centers for Disease Control. Its governor says he has only just learned that #COVID19  can be transmitted asymptomatically. 🤷‍♂️

New Yorkers are now advised to wear a face covering when outside and near other people, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said. He stressed that it does not mean that New Yorkers should wear a medical mask when outside — those should be left for healthcare workers.

WH trade adviser Peter Navarro says US is "dangerously overdependent on a global supply chain" for medicines, medical supplies, and medical equipment, suggests deregulation following coronavirus pandemic to facilitate domestic manufacturing.

Oil pauses near $25 after Trump output deal causes record surge

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: "When Obama sent out these checks, it took months and months and months."

It’s amazing to me that Jared thought that story about a NYC hospital getting PPE *because a friend of the president called him about it* somehow means the system is working. Then again, that’s how these people *think the system works*: patronage and graft.

Amazon’s top legal executive suggested the company’s senior leaders fend off workplace safety criticism by trying to turn the focus on an activist warehouse worker it had fired just days earlier