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Richard Leonard is elected new leader of the Scottish Labour Party https://t.co/NkC8MejzLA
.@ThamesVP confirms 4 people died after light aircraft and helicopter collided in mid-air over Buckinghamshire https://t.co/GAkMHUuO27
A "number of casualties" reported after helicopter & aircraft collide mid-air in Buckinghamshire

Helicopter involved in mid-air collision with an aircraft over Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire https://t.co/aFFvcnXGWk
Zimbabwe's President Mugabe arrives at university graduation ceremony in first public appearance since army takeover https://t.co/ElxkxO3lq2
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Zimbabwe's President Mugabe makes first public appearance since army takeover on Wednesday, at a graduation ceremony https://t.co/XJWHP52MRx
US House of Representatives passes controversial tax changes slashing corporate rates
Police investigating disappearance of Dorset teenager Gaia Pope arrest 49-year-old man on suspicion of murder https://t.co/tSKW0X3cbS
Police investigating 19-year-old Gaia Pope's disappearance have discovered "items of women's clothing" in field near Swanage, @dorsetpolice say https://t.co/rHOJYLsL1b
London's @oldvictheatre received 20 allegations of inappropriate behaviour by Kevin Spacey while he was the theatre's artistic director https://t.co/JwaOds4Mww
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