Labour Leader Sir Keir / Jeremy

"I was very disappointed in the comments" Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer tells #BBCBreakfast  that Jeremy Corbyn's comments that anti-semitism is 'dramatically overstated' is "part of the problem."

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Labour Leader Sir Keir / Jeremy

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Grandma isn’t getting run over by any reindeer this year.

On Monday Arizona Republicans will hold a meeting to discuss the presidential election's results:

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BREAKING: The Wisconsin partial recount of the state’s most heavily Democratic counties, Dane and Milwaukee Counties, has concluded. In total, the results changed by 87 votes in Biden’s favor.

Wisconsin has finished a presidential recount ordered for two Democratic-leaning counties, and Joe Biden is still the winner of the state by more than 20,000 votes. President Trump paid for the recount, which delivered a net gain of 87 votes to Biden.

Brussels decorated a Christmas tree almost 60 feet high in the middle of Grand Place, the UNESCO World Heritage main city square. The tree and the nativity scene next to it are the only Christmas events organized by the city due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In the end, Biden’s lead over Trump in the state grew by 87 votes.

Trump is delusional about the result of the election. I've been cautious about using that word in particular, these past four years, but it's the word that fits here.

Trump: I'd like to file one nice, big, beautiful lawsuit