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Latest Scoops

Ivory seizures hit record levels last year, report says https://t.co/NbkXvt0htk
Ten revelations from the secret diaries of the Chibok girls https://t.co/swgZwH1mn1
Ivorian artist @laetiky does incredible things with her hair 😲

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25 years ago, Derartu Tulu made history to become Africa's first black, female Olympic champion. 🇪🇹🥇 #100Women #MondayInspiration
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Ugandan vocal harmony group @Canaangents on a cappella, beat-boxing and vocal saxophones. 🎷 🎶 📻 https://t.co/HhHrfiMjdf
Sarah Samuel's father is not surprised his daughter kept a diary after being kidnapped by Boko Haram in Chibok https://t.co/w4YYlDvZgU
Liberia presidential hopeful George Weah attends TB Joshua church in Nigeria 🇱🇷 🇳🇬 https://t.co/50DqMp4IxZ
Nigerian university hires snake charmers after student death https://t.co/12TdQm7Xsc
President Buhari sacks Nigeria's ex-pension boss Abdulrasheed Maina, who is wanted for fraud https://t.co/UA9ZO9E57A #BBCAfricaLive
Derartu Tulu: Africa's first black female Olympic champion https://t.co/OfvnFs6va6
"They won't let me see my husband," says widow of US solder killed in #NigerAmbush 🇺🇸 🇳🇪 https://t.co/rBt7aLRC7i
Al Ahly want more fans at the Champions League final https://t.co/AFZaZaBQyT
President #Mugabe as a World Health Organisation (WHO) 'goodwill ambassador' - did they get it right or wrong in nominating him? #WHO
Why does #Nigeria have the highest number of children out of school in the world? A new series investigates. 🏫 📻 https://t.co/LpweJDFngu
The secret diaries of the Chibok girls https://t.co/xUrYXeAKKF
‘Only whites need apply’ – South African TV channel M-Net fires recruitment agency over racist job advert 🇿🇦 https://t.co/3i3YClZD9C
Nigeria's ex-pension boss Abdulrasheed Maina 'still on EFCC's most wanted list' https://t.co/L3lZBiC8eV #BBCAfricaLive
Kenya's Ruth Odinga to be charged over Kisumu protest https://t.co/Oi3daZJGZc
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