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Many African countries got rid of their colonial names at independence.

But for Swaziland it took 50 years to change to eSwatini.
Tin miners really need to trust each other - plunging down a 40ft holes is dangerous work.

But when two warring sides discovered tin, Fulani and Berom communities found a way to work with each other.
Crossing Divides: Can Nigeria's new tin mine heal ancient wounds? https://t.co/BijGHSkBgo
Today’s African #proverb: Even if you dance in the water, your enemies will accuse you of causing dust. Sent by MacRester Zacarias, Blantyre, Malawi, and Kelvin Lumbwe, Ndola, Zambia. How do you interpret this proverb? https://t.co/5WSjnSPD1W
Crossing Divides: Nigeria tin mine heals ancient wounds https://t.co/P7iTPjwoeT
Mohamed Salah: The night the 'phenomenal' Liverpool man downed Roma https://t.co/IRUk0cS22W
Dr Sacko is believed to be the first African-born president of a Japanese university. How does he navigate culture there? https://t.co/2gDU37fgXZ
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Letter from Africa: Why I back the Swazi king's nation change https://t.co/kYY2iqav7j
Pimpin' rides, African style https://t.co/B1vQdMZ0zH
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