Indian / Pad Man

A #BBCInsideCinema  tour along the cutting-edge of socially-conscious Indian cinema, as @nikkibedi  highlights how big stars are lending their wattage to films tackling important issues, including taboo-breaking sanitary-product blockbuster, Pad Man.

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Indian / Pad Man

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@GordonRamsay  surprised volunteers at a food bank in Australia and helped them pack supplies for families affected by bushfires

Around 20-30% of US prosecutors display racial bias, according to a new working paper on drug-possession arrests

Curious about the earthquake that occurred this afternoon, check the @USGS  for more information.

JFK's grandson criticizes Mike Pence for invoking 'Profiles in Courage' in WSJ op-ed

Female Icelandic 'Joker' composer Guonadottir makes film awards history

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Klopp. “The fans can sing whatever they want. We are not here to dictate. If they were not in a good mood it would be really strange. All I can tell you is we are here to work. I keep concentrated because we play again on Thursday."

Klopp: "The fans are allowed to sing & dream, as long as they do their job. We will not be part of that party yet. There's a lot of energy around the world based around LFC. It is exceptional. I love the relationship between the atmosphere in the stands & players on the pitch.”

"Mr. Parnas was in constant contact with a lot of people in Trump world, that he had access to the president at least on a number of occasions."

From window to balcony within seconds

Singer-songwriter David Olney has died at age 71, after falling silent and dropping his head in the midst of a performance at a songwriters festival in Florida on Saturday.