Thank you for coming to RED NIGHT! See you at BLACK NIGHT tomorrow! RED NIGHT 👉 We are!! #BABYMETAL  #STAYHOME  #STAYMETAL 


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@joangrande how did you raise such a perfect fairy. You must also be a fairy. The fairy convention has begun. 💕🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️😭😭😭BRING ON THE FAIRIES. Thank you for your daughter and her beautiful spirit.

who wants to hang out in 2045 ?? 💖🪐💞

I’m starting to look like shrek now just forewarning u

Brilliant front page. First, because it’s hilarious. Second, because it’s also making a deadly serious point - Cummings’ refusal to abide by his own lockdown rules has made the rules a laughing stock. This will cost lives. 👇

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Dear Dad, it’s a year since you left. However, I can feel you beside me—quiet, caring, protective; your presence is forever reassuring 🙏

I’m horrified and heartbroken about #GeorgeFloyd . When are we as a nation going to TRULY address the issues of race and institutional anti-blackness that are tearing this country apart? My heart goes out to every last one of us.

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i’m disgusted... confused... heartbroken... #RIPGeorgeFloyd 

T 3544 -43 YEARS .. !!! .. 'Amar Akbar Anthony' is estimated to have made Rs 7.25 crore in those days. Inflation-adjusted, it crosses the collections of Bahubali 2—The Conclusion today! #43YearsOfAmarAkbarAnthony 

Here is the link you need to make a complaint to your MP. It really makes a difference if they know what you think. All you need is a postcode. If you've already done it, get your friends and family to do it, and share the link widely.