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This is a big day for people who feel like they personally fought in WW2 despite being born in 1958.

See - a white man acknowledged the existence of systemic racism, and the uneven distribution of privilege and opportunity, and it did not kill him. It did not rend him limb from limb. @piersmorgan,  take note. You might learn something.

In spite of a court order blocking the deportation, the #Jamaica50  flight has taken off. This deportation signals the most blatant disregard for the law by the government. It's Windrush on steroids. A shameful, shameful day.

The same tabloids who made bank hounding Caroline Flack will now do the same mourning her.

Bad news for the BBC - turns out that sucking up to the school bully won’t stop him from punching you in the face and taking your lunch money.

IQ doesn’t measure ‘intelligence’. It measures how good you are at IQ tests. And the idea that ‘intelligence’ exists as some kind of objective, quantifiable substance is stupid as hell.

Grime MCs holding politicians to account with more ferocity than a good number of top-tier journalists.

Facts don’t care about your feelings 🤷🏾‍♀️

This is what I’m referring to when I say “incessant verbal abuse”. Does consistently calling me a man and saying I have a moustache count as a breach of @talkRADIO  ’s code of conduct?

Here's the thing about the "moustache" and "har har she looks like a bloke" comments favoured by Mike Graham and his army of dingbats. The hairy brown woman trope is a way of denying femininity to women of colour, to make us an acceptable target for really vicious dehumanisation.