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If killing Iranian general Qassem Soleimani didn’t change Iran’s behaviors or its strategic policies and objectives, I doubt that killing it’s top nuclear scientists will. But then again, maybe those extrajudicial killings are just about goading Iran in order to trigger more war.

Yea Arsen that’s exactly what my tweet was saying 🙄

Denmark culled 17 million minks in response to COVID-19 outbreaks and now plans to dig up their buried bodies. The virus, officials said, spread from human handler to mink, mutated, and then spread back to humans. via @NBCNews 

Should the US Government offer incentives to citizens to take the COVID vaccine? Such as a tax credit? or a cash payment?

President Trump has raised $207.5 million since losing the 2020 election. Via @nytimes 


Imagine 6 American Muslims arrested for a plot to "overthrow the government and kidnap a governor" and not using the word "terrorism" to describe it.

Tonight people in Beirut are going to sleep in shattered homes, during a deadly pandemic, with a collapsing economy led by corrupt politicians, surrounded by countries that have attacked & threatened them and a world that has abandoned them and their refugees. They deserve better

So Ghislaine Maxwell who is charged with sex-trafficking minors - ignores police when they knocked on her door then goes to another room “quickly shutting the door” was arrested without incident But Breonna Taylor sleeping in her bed was shot 8 times and killed?

BREAKING: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s decision to speak at the RNC tonight is now under investigation by the House.

LET THIS SINK IN FOR A MINUTE ===> There are concerns that families of some of the victims could be too afraid to go to the family reunification centers or hospitals searching for loved ones because of their immigration status and they are afraid they could suddenly be arrested

The Sudanese immigrant who was naturalized during the RNC came to the US in 2012. Had she tried to come today she would’ve been denied entry by Trumps Muslim Ban which includes Sudan. So basically Trump actually banned people like her but was willing to use her for political gain

If you are outraged by “defunding the police” but not outraged that a militia literally was going to kill police and overthrow the government of Michigan... you are not credible