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The official account of the Australian Open, Grand Slam of the Asia-Pacific 16-29 January 2017. Snapchat: Australian.Open #AusOpen

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One to watch in 2019 💥

The 18-year-old is projected to crack the top 100 when next week’s rankings are released.

@felixtennis | #AusOpen
Naomi Osaka endures a tough start as world No.1, while @KikiMladenovic enjoys a career-best win. #DDFTennis
Double the challenge. Can you guess which #AusOpen doubles pairing this is? #ShadowPlay 👀
When the waiter finally arrives with your food 🤩

@DjokerNole | #AusOpen #Laureus19
Breakthrough of the Year 🙌

Congratulations @Naomi_Osaka_ on your first @LaureusSport award. #AusOpen #Laureus19
#AusOpen champions @DjokerNole and @Naomi_Osaka_ win big at the @LaureusSport Awards. Congratulations 🏆 #Laureus19

The Most Relevant

.@Naomi_Osaka_ is the Australian Open 2019 champion 🏆

She def. Petra Kvitova 7-6(2) 5-7 6-4.

What a moment.

@Naomi_Osaka_ wins her second Grand Slam in a row 🏆🏆

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Roger #Federer has defeated Rafael #Nadal in the #AusOpen 2017 final to bring up his 18th Grand Slam singles title.
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That reaction!! @rogerfederer is your #AusOpen 2017 champion!

@RogerFederer, 2️⃣0️⃣x Grand Slam champion.

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Even @rogerfederer needs his accreditation 😂

#AusOpen (via @Eurosport_UK)
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Magnificent Seven!

@DjokerNole is the #AusOpen 2019 men’s singles champion def. Rafael Nadal 6-3 6-2 6-3.

#AOChampion #AusOpenFinalFinal

"You guys make me nervous. You guys make me practice. You guys fill the stadiums. Thank you."

- 💎

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"I only can say one thing: I'm going to keep fighting hard, I'm going to keep working hard to be a better player."

@RafaelNadal is an inspiration 🙏

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