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explain the resign/new special election to me. If that’s allowed, couldn’t they just keep resigning/appointing & never have an election?
We hiked down to the depths of the Grand Canyon to celebrate 20 yrs married. No cell, no news, just the people’s land. h/t TR #ThanksAmerica
If a grad student gets a scholarship reducing tuition, R plan calls that cash income and taxes it. Where would the kid get the cash to pay?
Seriously, how would a student come up with the cash to pay taxes on their waived tuition fr/a scholarship as in the R tax plan?
How to make sure no poor kid ever gets an advanced degree? Make them pay taxes on scholarships as if it were cash income #TrumpUnleashed
Dick T gets standing O to packed house at Booth School and thanks the Univ community.
Yeah, no big deal, @R_Thaler won the nobel prize today
Annoying discovery fr/new Apple update: Field test mode where you get numerical measure of cell reception instead of bars no longer works
Speaker: shall I present standing up front or do I sit here? Stigler: we've all read your paper. I would advise you to get under the table.https://t.co/8Pnskou9wq
Just to clarify, @dandrezner, you are talking about Ultimate fighters or you are literally talking about ultimate frisbee players?https://t.co/EELKaGbDys
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