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Tom! You let ted Cruz wear a Cubs World Seties ring?? How could you do that? https://t.co/nzyn8OihaX
@AriFleischer, you know better than this. When you spend 800b less than current law and less than prices rise, it's a huge cut.https://t.co/0JvwWudtKN
Rs say cut Medicaid b/c it's unaffordable long term. But then say we should use the money to cut high income taxes.
First the bears and now the bulls. We need to work on our #draftskills
Shouldn't somebody go ask Rahm how they did it when they took back over in 2006?
If this report is true--that the Trumps diverted donations for kids w/cancer to their own business--they are sick https://t.co/v3F34ecdjT
Econ @crampell is pretty good, too
Accounting fraud not = accounting mistake. Budget counts on hundreds of billions in estate tax. Tax plan eliminates estate tax. It's a scam.https://t.co/I6bEH0Mj9w
You know it's bad when even the pestilence is trying to get out of town https://t.co/1wLlC1jp2Y
It's like the exact plot to Men in Black.
Goodness, you'd think they could at least set up some kind of regular intelligence briefing for POTUS to know what was going on. Daily, evenhttps://t.co/748yytktzp
Trump: Firing Comey to end investigation of me is the most impeachment-worthy POTUS move in 40yrs.
Trump (to mirror): Hold my milkshake.
If only there were some tapes we could check to see who said what at the meeting with the Russians
Give me an I! Give me an M! Give me a P!
Fox cancelled pitch. That stinks. It was a great show.
Every Congressperson & government appointee swears an oath to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign & domestic. So help them God.
@M_C_Klein @jimtankersley This AER reseach showed that merely finding how much $ needed to qualify doubled public support for the estate taxhttps://t.co/i4tKPQaC6n
It's the deficient frontier
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