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CCTV footage from a furniture store in Beirut shows the moment of the explosion. Incredibly, the staff in the shop were unharmed. For the latest on this story, visit:

"His life has been marked by cruel losses. Losing one child has been a nightmare for me. But to lose two children and his wife? And yet, Joe’s faith in God, in life, and in hope remains."- @DrBiden 

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Kellyanne Conway: "[Democratic leaders] have been here before... Nancy Pelosi leaves in a flourish, a hissy fit, stomping out in those stilettos when she doesn't get her way."

Oprah Winfrey and the O Magazine team are erecting 26 billboards across Louisville, KY, to demand justice for Breonna Taylor. Taylor, 26, was shot and killed by police in her home in Louisville, KY, on March 13. None of the officers involved have been charged with a crime.

At least 16 people were killed in the Air India Express crash, officials say. There were 191 people on board.

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1/ The #Beirut  blast was filmed only by a handful of people. One of them is German-Lebanese Maximilian Kunigk. He was 500 meters away. Luckily he is safe. I interviewed him. This is the video he filmed & the apartment now. Interview in next tweet.

In a testy back and forth with CNN's Poppy Harlow, WH economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Republicans want to scale back the $600 weekly supplemental unemployment insurance benefit in a bill or executive action to renew the expired emergency provision

Serious question: Since it looks like Covid-19 is sticking around, do we start the case and fatality counts over at zero with the next "season," like we do with flu deaths and most infectious diseases we track? Or just keep adding to numbers cumulatively? Or both?

@RepThomasMassie  asked intel officials, "IF you were spying on members of Congress, and one of us asked you, would you tell us?" Their REFUSAL to answer was an answer in itself.