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Must read story of the personal toll for one of millions of the GOP policies to remove pre-existing condition protections https://t.co/6pSpoQb1Z9
We are up to about 100,000 children under age 2 in the United States who have not been vaccinated against 14 infectious diseases — and rising. https://t.co/Zlh2ucvGSj
Useful piece on global primary care and the coming #AA40 conference in Astana. How I see it: we need primary care to serve the 4Cs. An easy Contact point for care, Continuity, Coordination, and Comprehensive enough care to serve most of one's needs. https://t.co/0WrmW6tnPz
The study suggests what people want is a trusted clinician who will take into account the cost burden for them and their goals and priorities for their care. And that they don't have.https://t.co/sFR59mXhlV
From deeper in the news: Revealing piece from @anneapplebaum on how Ukraine is changing since the Russian invasion in 2014 — and not in ways Putin intended. https://t.co/piw7Wm1FWq
For health care innovation geeks: Follow @AriadneLabs or #TheAriadneWay all next week 10/1-5 to learn more about the lifesaving system innovation work we’re doing & the great people driving our research and vision. We hope you'll join us. #followfriday
Science at the @EPA is again shown the door -- this time with the unexplained dismissal of the pediatric and epidemiology expert leading its Office of Children's Health: https://t.co/szFHjnuN4E
The terrific story of a test underway at South Shore Hospital in Massachusetts, with @AriadneLabs, to lower cesarean section rates for better long term health of moms and babies. https://t.co/lUyxzhQ1nQ
Excited to be speaking at the New Yorker Festival this October on writing as a doctor for my twentieth anniversary as a @NewYorker staff writer. Tickets here: https://t.co/OWB8bP5NNn #TNYfest
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