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The Senate it turning the GOP tax bill into another health reform repeal bill. Once again: repealing the ACA mandate without a replacement will do nothing to make our health and health care better, only worse. https://t.co/1RPDVsH35g
Uwe Reinhardt, Rest In Peace. I don't think there is anyone in health policy that he has not made to think harder and better. That includes me. @afrakt's rememberance gets Uwe just right. https://t.co/fXZdPudbAV
"They arrived four to a car." 215 Las Vegas gunshot victims. One ED. The receiving team tells the remarkable story of how the handled them all. h/t @sam_baker https://t.co/nCajOaWjzk
Air pollution at such hazardous levels in New Delhi, United is cancelling flights there. https://t.co/BxPBQWVpe3
@hmkyale Big diff betw district hospitals, where I too see the vast overload, and primary health centers, the village/neighborhood clinics meant to serve most people. Poor care, poor oversight, and absenteeism at PHCs seems to lead to bypassing to referral centers.
@hmkyale Crucial to understand that workload does not seem to explain why doctor visit times in low income countries are so short. Data here from 6 African nations show just 5-18 pts per day.https://t.co/JuU5iKpqat These data are from World Bank study in India: https://
Maine vote to expand Medicaid still opposed by GOP Governor. Now in legislature's hands. https://t.co/TOXRotBMRQ
Delhi shuts schools due to air pollution, now at 30X safe levels, which is enough to acutely increase mortality rates. India's pollution already resulted in 2.5M deaths in 2015 (@TheLancet). https://t.co/I3YwQxeogS
What progress looks like. How cancer survival rates have changed https://t.co/JHgSStZcF3 #axiosam
.@neel_shah in @politico on the new innovations changing hospitals from the ground up https://t.co/dsP7JUhemU
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