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The key lessons are unchanged: The seriously ill have goals for their care besides just survival. When we don't ask what they are (what tradeoffs they'd make & not make; what quality of life is unacceptable) and tune care accordingly, incl new treatments, the result is suffering.
The new breakthrough immunotherapies are a miracle in some cancers -- for 15% of patients. But @Bob_Wachter childes: don't forget the rest. https://t.co/P6Vd0xNwk8
At the #BerlinWallMemorial and its moving tribute to the scores killed trying to cross the border. It’s a reminder of the inhumanity people inflict to stop the desperate, suffering powerless from leaving home in hope of better — and the ultimately unstoppable desire for freedom.
We have the treatment for opioid addiction. It works. It cuts deaths by 80%. But we are not funding it and giving it. Here is what happens when we do. https://t.co/PYY3Br8dh3
This is significant: At 10.5 months, patients with advanced lung cancer who were given immunotherapy with a checkpoint inhibitor were half as likely to have died as those who received chemotherapy alone. Survival at 12 months was 69% vs 49%. https://t.co/tir1btehUl
While you weren’t looking, an Ebola vaccine has emerged that appears to actually work. https://t.co/efrV5wEsa2
Useful explainer of the day: what is gene editing. @statnews https://t.co/7B9WKouNzr
The proliferation of health system mergers, acquisitions, and affiliations can increase risks to patient safety: Read our new @JAMA_current article on how and what systems can do to reduce these risks. https://t.co/G7QiLq9fM4 @Susan_Haas_MD @CRICOtweet
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