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Imagine a cure for cancer deaths but not using it. That's opioid addiction. @DrSarahWakeman @ml_barnett @NEJM:
1. Buprenorphine/methadone cuts deaths 80%
2. But use rates are FALLING
3. Instead $ → detox beds that don't cut deaths
4. Let PCPs prescribe
An @nytimesd reveals just how far the indifference to basic humanity goes.

"The facility’s list of no-no’s also included this: Do not touch another child, even if that child is your hermanito or hermanita — your little brother or sister.https://t.co/FxY9co7aVe "

This appalling headline reveals just how deeply, morally barren this administration is making our country. https://t.co/7BTuy538SX
Cool story of how Southgate came up with ideas for England’s success with their set pieces. https://t.co/TmW54yIqxD
The elimination of Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality's National Guidelines Clearinghouse health care is another astonishing and unconscionable blow for access to scientific information. https://t.co/VLjIWhzRJe
Baseball fans: you gotta see this. Was at Fenway last night and saw with my own eyes this incredible Mookie Betts 13 pitch at-bat -- which ended in a Grand Slam. Epic. #RedSox https://t.co/lzeGZOUWrX
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. https://t.co/ufnNK59e8X
.@nytimes: This horrific scene in Boston reveals the awfulness that American health care has become. https://t.co/fpXALkhPZe
We take into account medical risks of patients but not, it seems, their social risks when we penalize clinicians for their results. https://t.co/uOXW1rXRQY
The Supreme Court stains itself in doing again what it did in upholding the internment of Japanese-Americans — upholding policies driven by clear and stated racial animosity. https://t.co/0b0ZgSixOy
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