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How the Senate health bill hurts the nation's health. I joined @thelastword w @lawrence last pm to discuss. #MSNBC https://t.co/fALmEDKCch
Problem isn't just 22m uninsured. It's the vision of a system where average insurance has a $6000 deductible & bad chronic illness coverage.
Despite huge pressure not to, she's following the evidence to protect Maine's people & health care systems from harm.
.@SenatorCollins's no vote is a profile in courage.
My @NewYorker piece on How the Senate’s Health-Care Bill Threatens the Nation's Health. https://t.co/ykikrqQwlO
Capping & cutting Medicaid means cutting the 64% of nursing home residents on Medicaid. Equal 42% of spending. https://t.co/Jy0xVH8fUR
This ad against GOP bill from #CommunityCatalyst (@HealthPolicyHub,) running in AK, ME, NV, WV, is really effective: https://t.co/lHpzc6oVLp
On @MSNBC: I explain how massive $1T health coverage cuts will harm millions and damage our entire health system https://t.co/ad7lb0yvac
Buy your own insurance? Use this genius interactive map to see how your payments will change (and tell us!) #BCRA https://t.co/IET8PT2a61
More evidence that it is not a partisan thing to be concerned about the Senate plan's effect on health and survival of our population.https://t.co/BtOayKOFwL
Overall: both plans cut healthcare funding, cap Medicaid and increase # of Americans w problems paying medical bills https://t.co/o2Yw5RChr9
In 2011, Arizona tried rolling back Medicaid enrollment. Here's what happened. @slate https://t.co/UkVIXzgc8P
Our @AriadneLabs team on @KHNews #CancerChat 1PM ET. They're taking Qs on #MoreBetterEarlier convos w seriously ill https://t.co/83KlMACSC6
Smart take from @axios @SamBaker: the GOP bill is not an ACA replacement bill. It is a Medicaid replacement bill. https://t.co/hZhexHllHR
"I have serious concerns about the bill's impact on the Nevadans who need Medicaid."
“Payers were resistant to rewarding Qliance even when it exceeded its targets for quality and savings” @NPR https://t.co/7WWkm9DAwN
Former surgeon general @vivek_murthy connects the dots on how the AHCA makes the opioid epidemic worse. https://t.co/u7b4NWdU9v
The GOP health plan is really a rollback of Medicaid. https://t.co/MUpNdl7vUr
The GOP health plan is really a rollback of Medicaid. https://t.co/MUpNdl7vUr
Read this thread -- because the Senate bill does exactly what @ChrisMurphyCT warned against.
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