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A needed piece on a corner of unnecessary opioid panic. @nytimes @jeremyfaust https://t.co/saNfAXgFj8
If you’re in the Boston area Feb 18, come join me and George Saunders in conversation about, among other things, mortality and his amazing book Lincoln In The Bardo. (Event had been sold out, I know, but @newtonvillebks just moved it to a bigger venue!) https://t.co/pwwDkrIZx1
Compelling piece from @PardisSabeti on how 2 scientific fields made major course corrections: one (social psych) attacked its scientists’ integrity; the other (genomics) “returned to an agnostic baseline” w/o recrimination & advanced its people + ideas. https://t.co/Z1uPqeZxyC
Costa Rica carried out health reform plan that advanced life expectancy to 80 years, the 3rd highest in the Americas, ahead of the US and behind Canada. How? Universal primary health care. @Asaf_Bitton @maddypesec @AriadneLabs @ProSyn https://t.co/AfixwlhO6y
Consequences for US health of govt shutdown via @AdvisoryBd:
1. GME payments to academic Children's Hospitals stop.
2. Non-emergency admissions to NIH med center stop.
3. CDC state outbreak monitoring support stops.
4. Indian Health program pay stops.
My hospital has a long list of basic genetic drugs and even IV fluids we are being forced to ration. So this announcement is inspired. https://t.co/L81GI6kihr
Let’s stop obsessing over dirty words and start rejecting the actual, repellant ideas. https://t.co/8h4FPWpnXE
Number of uninsured Americans rose in 2017 by more than 3 million people. And it's going to get worse under this administration's plans. https://t.co/TT6TcSJPqP
@amitabhchandra2 Fair. It remains to be seen how the health literacy course will be implemented. But it is hardly foolish to read the provision with suspicion that it is simply a hurdle--like past literacy requirements--to prevent people from getting what they need or deserve.
“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
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