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Monica Attard

Monica Attard

Former ABC Russia corro, radio & TV broadcaster. Author, OAM & 5 Walkley Awards. Hd Journalism, Macleay College, MC/facilitator Email: attard.monica1@gmail.com

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I just signed up to support the introduction of the Climate Change Bill into our Parliament. See details, add your name & contact your federal MP. #climateactnow  #auspol 

@1petermartin  How can someone who volunteers to save people, property and animals be sacked (Is that even possible???) for having a go at the PM! #unAustralian 

I hope this from the @NSWRFS  is true and that this volunteer firefighter hasn’t been “sacked”.

@Wendy_Bacon  @bondi_izzyR  @phloggaF  @_sara_jade_S  @DrGJackBrown  saying it’s been suggested to him he take time out of firefighting. Sounds murky to me.

One for those who reckon Trump might lose the next US election:

Don’t know what difference it makes - if he was stood down for the reason that’s been reported.

This is terrible news. Many misspent days at Manning Bar.


Scott Morrison's political ad is a bizarre act of self-love as firefighters battle to save Australia. And @murpharoo ⁩ says what needs to be said. Hope the PM reads this one. @ScottMorrisonMP ⁩

That cut of Waleed was devastating in its truth for me: we are 'tolerant' until those we are 'tolerating' raise their heads. Always so for indigenous Australians. Used to be same for us 'wogs'. #racism  #AdamGoodes 

RIP Liz. Brilliant journalist, wonderful woman. Thank you for passing Media Watch on to me.

It's really something when the Editorial Board of the comes out so strongly for (or against) a world leader. New Zealands justly gets the tick of approval: Via

@ScottMorrisonMP  Maybe you could give the ABC a little (big) $ $ boost given the role its played in keeping the fire impacted communities informed and safe.

What the hell is this? This must be what fear looks like.

No evidence of planned beheading, tracking PM or executed search warrant. Well done all who got it wrong: #beafraid