The UK is Europe’s biggest food importer and Ukraine is one of the continent’s top agricultural producers. This makes a post-Brexit free trade deal a potentially big win for both countries.

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🚨 VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION TO SETTLE A DOMESTIC ARGUMENT 🚨 It’s Saturday... you say, “I’ve got an appointments next Tuesday”... does that mean your appointment is in 3 days time or 10 days time...

Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, will not use their Sussex Royal brand in their new roles as non-working members of Britain's royal family.

With just 3% of precincts reporting, here’s who's leading the #NevadaCaucus . Follow more live results.

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"[Elizabeth Warren] understands America’s problems better than anyone else in the field," @ezraklein  argues.

Catholic charity founder sexually abused women, says report

Former Obama campaign manager warns Democrats against contested convention talk: future of party supports Bernie Sanders

Robots have arrived on Wall Street, and humans need to learn how to work with them

Getting people to change their minds is hard. Here's how to do it.