Deal / Shinkansen / La-San Francisco

One of the proposals in the “Green New Deal” is to build high-speed train lines so flying is less necessary. This is not a radical proposal. In Japan, the Shinkansen covers distance approx LA-San Francisco in 2.5 hrs. At peak, trains every 10 minutes. The line was built in 1964.

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Deal / Shinkansen / La-San Francisco

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Amid confusion, distortion and political friction, how can we know the true toll of the virus? ⠀ ⠀

Elizabeth was a great cook and baker but in her latter years “she absolutely loved junk food, curries, fish’n’chips, cream cakes and especially a good fry up" #LivesLostIT 

❝ These debts are being incurred to avoid deaths... the most virtuous economic initiative undertaken in our lifetimes

A convicted cigarette smuggler is one of three men in custody following a joint operation between the Garda and the PSNI which resulted in the seizure of millions of euro worth of tobacco. ⠀ ⠀

The Yale literature tutorials in Gilmore Girls come accross like suburban book clubs.

Joseph was never without his golf clubs on his regular visits back to Ireland. His brothers warmly recall that “he wasn’t fond of losing”. #LivesLostIT 

This is the first time in human history @NASA_Astronauts  have entered the @Space_Station  from a commercially-made spacecraft. @AstroBehnken  and @Astro_Doug  have finally arrived to the orbiting laboratory in @SpaceX 's Dragon Endeavour spacecraft.

"The whole world saw this mission and we are so, so proud of everything you’ve done for our country and, in fact, to inspire the world." - Administrator@JimBridenstine  congratulates @AstroBehnken  and @Astro_Doug  who just arrived aboard the @Space_Station . #LaunchAmerica 

“We’re just happy to be here and Chris [Cassidy] is going to put us work. And hopefully we will fit in and not mess too many things up.” @Astro_Doug  on him and @AstroBehnken  being the newest crew members of the @Space_Station .

#OTD in 1921, the deadliest racial massacre in U.S. history began in the thriving Greenwood African American community of Tulsa, OK. Black Wall Street in Tulsa, OK was destroyed by a racist mob. #APeoplesJourney  #ANationsStory 

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