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Don't forget to panic sell the bottom, almost there.

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U.S. lawmakers are becoming the "stick" in the "carrot-and-stick" diplomacy that Trump is using to cajole Saudi Arabia and Russia to cut oil production. See below the latest from top Republican lawmakers to Mike Pompeo.

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Real higher wages can't be created with a government fiat. Worker productivity must first be increased through greater investment. | Jacob Maichel

DOT: Airlines must give refunds — not just vouchers — when flights are axed amid coronavirus

Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Disney, Peloton, Tesla & more

Putin echoes Trump's call for oil producers to reduce output

New York State suffered its highest number of deaths in a single day from the new coronavirus, with more than 500 fatalities as the total number approached 3,000 statewide, Governor Andrew Cuomo said Friday.

Bank of America CEO Says Half a Million Customers Have Deferred Payments

Employers in the U.S. cut 701,000 jobs in March, which ends America's historic 113 straight months of employment growth as the coronavirus-induced lockdowns shut down businesses and factories. Read more:

Many small businesses are already getting their government guaranteed, forgivable loans. However, the business that are getting their money the fastest are those already in debt. Small businesses without existing debt are having a harder time getting loans. Typical govt. program!

Due to the increasingly interconnected nature of our economy, employment losses in one sector could quickly spread to other sectors

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