Steve Mnuchin / Larry Kudlow Friday

Steve Mnuchin says they're considering "middle class" tax cuts "next year," echoing Larry Kudlow from Friday, and in both cases it seems like they're just saying this because we're asking and it's not a real thing.

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Steve Mnuchin / Larry Kudlow Friday

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Sen. Patrick Leahy: "[Trump] should read the Constitution. He didn’t know that Emoluments Clause is part of the Constitution. He thought it was some kind of a regulation. I wish he’d take the time to do what every other president has done -- sit down, read the Constitution."

This frightened toddler got a personal performance of ‘Baby Shark’ from protesters in the streets of Beirut

The Ivy League educated US Senator whose father was a bank president and who clerked for a supreme court justice is still out here trying to pretend he’s not welcome in the DC club he is an elite member of.

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2 students at the University of Connecticut were filmed repeatedly saying the n-word outside student housing, allegedly as part of a "game." After outcry over the school's handling of racism, campus police arrested them on misdemeanor charges. They face up to 30 days in jail.

Opinion: We license lawyers and teachers. Why not politicians?

Nor was he “defending Missouri.” He was pretending to be outraged by an op ed that claimed workers for a federal agency could not afford to pick up their lives and move to a different state, and officials who made the move knew that and consciously used that to gut the agency.

#WATCH Karnataka: Elephants who took part in the parade during #Dasara  festival in Mysuru, were seen playing football yesterday, after they were shifted to Dubare Elephant Camp* in Kodagu district.

The US Postal Service announces that it will honor late journalist Gwen Ifill with a forever stamp.

Sen. Dick Durbin: "I think it is racially charged and insensitive. You know, the talk about lynchings in this circumstance -- this president is being subjected to the Constitution and the laws of the land. That’s a far cry from a lynching."

Non-Trump news that is super important. Check out this reporting: Fifty years after Native Americans occupied Alcatraz Island, tribes across the country continue to celebrate the protest and the heritage it fought to protect. By & @jeligon  @Josue_Foto