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Good @aterkel  takedown of one of the dumbest stories of the week

looks like we're gonna stick with deadly brain poison as a drinking water conveyance for the foreseeable future

doesn't seem like the problem is corruption. seems like we really don't care to spend the tens of billions it would cost to replace the pipes.

it's amazing how utilities mitigate the risk of lead exposure - by altering water chemistry to make it less corrosive & coat the pipe interior with a layer of scale that blocks the lead. Wow! you could also just not use deadly brain poison as a water conveyance!

Why Dems have no good answer to a gotcha question about taxes

it's a great book tracking the history of Democratic tax-talk evasion

The judge in the Dem tax return lawsuit today asked the parties to file extra briefs in light of the Trump administration's arguments in the Mazars case getting clobbered at the appeals court

These rich and famous children of rich and famous politicians are just APPALLED by Hunter Biden, @aterkel  reports

Everyone ganged up on Elizabeth Warren for not EXPLICITLY saying her Medicare for All vision includes taxes


A whistleblower says someone tried to interfere with the president's IRS audit. Instead of shouting to reporters, a month ago Dems brought it to a judge, offering a private briefing. So far the judge has shown no interest.

James O'Keefe has captured Beto O'Rourke staffers talking about using campaign resources to bring blankets, water, and food to Honduran asylum seekers who had a sick child

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Almost forgot about this, but yesterday, Matt Gaetz burst into the Speaker’s Lobby all upset and demanded to know which reporter is asking all his colleagues if they hate him.

Paul Ryan's nameplate is OFF the speaker's office doorway at the Capitol.

Americans are twice as likely to have seen news stories about bonuses than stock buybacks because of the tax bill. Bonuses: $3 billion Buybacks: $200 billion

It's July! Democrats still haven't filed their lawsuit over the president's tax returns 🤔

Republicans say 3 million workers have benefited from tax reform bonuses or raises. 2 million of those work at Walmart, Home Depot & Lowe's, which announced $1,000 bonuses. You only get the full $1k if you've worked there for... 20 years.

The judge's indifference so far may merely reflect the slow pace of civil procedure. Federal judges are aloof from partisan politics. (This particular one happens to be a Trump appointee who donated to the Trump campaign and volunteered for the Trump transition.)