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Can't tell if McConnell is actually proud of enduring tweets or just making fun of his own colleagues who were so scared of them. Suspect the latter! (He threw out the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees, the thing he cared about most.)

The other most disturbing part is a mob of like-minded people just ransacked the Capitol and actually killed people and afterward a majority of Republicans were still like yeah, the election was fishy, that mob had a point

"I stood firm," Mitch McConnell said of himself resisting Trump's calls to end the filibuster for legislation. "Endured many tweets on the subject."

NEW: story w/ @PaulBlu  on GOP victim politics & Josh Hawley's deliberate effort to appropriate the word "mob"

hopefully they'll be marking where the FAILED insurrection occurred and not one that was eventually successful after a few tries

Again tonight: @HawleyMO  using the word "mob" for things that aren't mobs

No matter how accommodating a reporter tries to be it’s going to say “murder the media” on the door. Never forget.


Trump refusing to sign the bill immediately screwed millions of workers out of $300. From a bartender in NOLA: “His little delay routine locked me out of the LA unemployment system because I lapsed in the system yesterday and so will have to reapply with a brand new claim”

A whistleblower says someone tried to interfere with the president's IRS audit. Instead of shouting to reporters, a month ago Dems brought it to a judge, offering a private briefing. So far the judge has shown no interest.

Paul Ryan's nameplate is OFF the speaker's office doorway at the Capitol.

I asked Ted Cruz about his campaign claim that Beto O'Rourke was literally funding the migrant caravan in Mexico. He said "the election is over" and didn't want to talk about it.

Almost forgot about this, but yesterday, Matt Gaetz burst into the Speaker’s Lobby all upset and demanded to know which reporter is asking all his colleagues if they hate him.

BREAKING: A federal judge has just BLOCKED Trump's first food benefit cut from taking effect next month.

The only threat to the First Amendment that we should be talking about right now is an actual death threat from actual killers who are an actual constituency of a major political party

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Americans are twice as likely to have seen news stories about bonuses than stock buybacks because of the tax bill. Bonuses: $3 billion Buybacks: $200 billion