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Six of the best

Six of the best



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Difference between NFL and college football in a nutshell, from FOA 2018: HALF the SEC averaged more yards per carry last year than the No. 1 team in the NFL (Saints, 4.7). And that's against the best defenses in college football. Ground game much more important in college.
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✅ World-leading mark
✅ New @Diamond_League meet record
✅ Personal best with a time of 19.65 seconds
✅ Fourth Diamond League win of the season

@LylesNoah is on 🔥! #MonacoDL
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There were places with more potential playing time for @easyst0, but a tough market for free agents this summer made a $3.5 million payday w/the Lakers the best option. Beasley also played with in Mia@KingJamesmi in 79 games over two seasons (2013-15).
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But if we say two touchdowns some wise guy on the internet will be like "#WellActually touchdowns are worth six points."
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