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Arjun Dev Arora

Now: @Expa, @TheHouseVC & more Prior: Partner @500Startups Founder @ReTargeter Passionate: startups, learning, people, design, travel, music, philosophy & life.

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Nike Is Not The First Brand To Launch A Generation Alpha Subscription Service, But They’ve Set The New Standard via @Forbes  - a huge congrats to the Nike Adventure Club and Valiant Labs teams! :)

Incredible list of links, resources, articles, and Twitter accounts about venture capital and the startup ecosystem from @ArnaudBonzom 

@RaviMikkelsen  @joshuBeen  using @woven_app-  super helpful for scheduling when I want to share specific times and not my whole calendar. Been a big fan!

The Long-Term Stock Exchange raises $50 million in new funding - Axios - excited about the future of capital that @ltse ⁩ represents and is already executing against.

Sharing insights and lessons learned from supporting first time fund managers over the last several years - "Emerging Manager ‘Must-Dos’: The Path to Your First Fund" - - #OpenLP  #VentureCapital  #Startups 

@JonLow54861283  and I cha @ChadGrills  with @TheMissionTn  the Daily podcast about funds, startups, coaching, philosophy, books and more... #VentureCapital  #Startups  #Coaching 

2019 - The year SAFEs revealed their odd externalities and unintended consequences.

Backed by @expa , Aero@GoAero ) is a premium air travel startup with $16M in funding via - Congrats team Aero! @TechCrunch 

I just published How to Write a Great Email Request for Introduction: Investment, Hiring, Sales, and Anything Else.

An amazing job opportunity w/ the @TheHouseVC  for Director of Community and Marketing - - this is a stellar role for the right person who wants to deeply understand the ecosystem and to have a big positive impact on startups! @Cal 


A Map of Every Device in the World That's Connected to the Internet

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“Most men die at 27, we just bury them at 72.” - Mark Twain

1/ I'm incredibly excited to announce that I am now a Partner@500Startups  leading our Fundraising + IR efforts -

My biggest startup learnings: 1) every share of equity matters 2) maintain control for as long as possible 3) watch working capital closely

What Studying Students Teaches Us About Great Apps via @techcrunch  by @Noah_L  at @CowboyVC  cc: @krutal  #GreatPost 

Heard from @Malala  - quite an inspirational and powerful story. Worth learning more. cc: @UN  @MalalaFund  #UN70 

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If You Can't Say What Your Meeting Will Accomplish, You Shouldn't Have It