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Good morning! Chief Justice John Roberts is back at his branch of government meeting with his colleagues behind closed doors about BIG cases: immigration, religious liberty, electoral college--will they add cases to this blockbuster term? next term? denials? stay tuned.

One of John Roberts' law clerks, who presumably applied for the clerkship to handle Supreme Court business, will now also help him with his impeachment duties. Clerk so far not named.

--he'll wear his usual robe. (no stripes!) --unlikely he'll miss any oral args, if he does Thomas would preside (most senior associate justice) --he may have lunch at the senate some days!

Can't stop thinking about @DanaBashCNN  interview. "he picked me as his prey" and how Dana gives Yang the room to tell her story. so powerful.

it is believed the "faithless elector case" will be heard this term. Which means the decision will come out in heart of election.


Just in: Chief Justice John Roberts in a not so veiled report tells the judiciary it must promote confidence and maintain the public's trust.

new this am: Leland Keyser, who Christine Ford said was at the alleged party, clarifies her statement to make sure the Senate knows she does not refute Ford's allegations, but just doesn't remember the party. Also, happy to cooperate with fbi

Kavanaugh has hired four female clerks per a source familiar . In anticipation he also read the briefs for next week's cases.

This is what is important to Justice Sotomayor and illustrates how she has a singular impact on the court

New: Sen. Flake threatens to block circuit court judicial nominees. That could be a big deal: w/ ted barrett

Just in: A friend of Christine Blasey Ford says she has no recollection of the party :

Kavanaugh takes over. Source close to him says he wrote every word of his statement. It was not precleared by the White House. 100% Kavanaugh.

Lawyers for Deborah Ramirez have written to the FBI this morning attaching sworn statements of those they think the fbi should have interviewed

They are outside the Supreme Court in sleeping bags, some are knitting. Waiting for DACA arguments that aren't until Tuesday!