Trump / Biden

I rewatched the start of the debate. The 1st Q went to Trump who gave an uninterrupted 2-min response. Then Biden gave an uninterrupted 2-min response. Then it went back to Trump, whose answer was interrupted 3 times by Biden. If you didn't like it, blame Biden for starting it.

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Trump / Biden

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If You’re Aghast at What Fauci Does to Dogs, You Should See What the Government Does to People | Hannah Cox

U.S. billionaire wealth surged by a cool 70% during the pandemic and we’re somehow still debating whether the billionaires should be taxed.

Democrats’ plan to spy on the bank accounts of nearly every American to help pay for their reckless tax-and-spend spree is a huge violation of privacy and poses a major risk to data security.

The FDA and CDC need to start listening to these stories. It is well past time to stop ignoring the vaccine injured especially when our federal health agencies are considering approving vaccination for children.

Liberal Democrats in the House saying they'll torpedo any effort by Pelosi to vote this week on infrastructure.

it's pretty clear democrats hv almost unlimited appetite to tax tax tax + spend spend spend

I'll be joining @AriMelber  on @MSNBC  soon to talk about my new plan the Corporate Profits Minimum Tax. Hope you'll tune in!

On the 20th anniversary of the Patriot Act, I'm renewing my call for my colleagues in Congress to support my efforts to do away with this secret law once and for all. Read more:

Gynecologist shuts down man over TikTok: ‘You’ve never been allowed near a vagina’