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Former WH Press Secretary. I run a communications company whose clients are sports organizations, athletes & corporations. Go Yankees. Go Dolphins.

Latest Scoops

“In 2009, massage therapist Molly Hagerty went to the Portland, Ore., Police and gave a lengthy statement claiming that about 3 yrs earlier, former vice president Al Gore “pinned her to a bed in his hotel suite, forcibly French kissed her, and groped her” https://t.co/uh9j9JnpV4
To put a finer point on this, the story had 2 hooks: 1) government waste and 2) a Trump scandal. Gov waste is always a legit story. The problem however was point 2. No one saw the anti-Trump bias because the bias is widespread. Editors who think differently would have caught it.
The deeper problem here is the lack of ideological diversity at the NYT. It took conservatives on Twitter zero seconds to catch what was wrong. Why didn’t any editors spot the problem before the story ran? Newsrooms would benefit if they thought more like America.https://t.co/xQZeFp7Ghr
“If the progressive credentials of the 2020 field become judged based on the extent of their disregard for norms, the progressive movement, the Democratic Party and American democracy will all suffer.” https://t.co/JvVMaVjblB
Woodward’s book was the 1st to report many of Bush’s quotes as he travelled on AirForce One on 9/11. I gave him those quotes in 2002. I later released my 9/11 notes publicly. They are the basis for the live tweeting I do on 9/11. Does he fudge other quotes? I can’t answer that.
Congratulations to the House and Senate, Ds & Rs alike, for passing 3 appropriation bills on time. It wasn’t so long ago ALL approps bill would pass individually and mostly on time. Reaching agreements and governing beats shutdowns and constant fighting.
Manual. With my notes in front of me describing what took place and what Bush said.
I returned to my office and gathered with my staff. We talked about what happened and how they were doing. I have no idea what time I left to drive home.

That's what I did on September 11, 2001.

May God Bless the United States of America.
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