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Former WH Press Secretary. I run a communications company whose clients are sports organizations, athletes & corporations. Go Yankees. Go Dolphins.

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Thank you Gov. I call ‘em like I see ‘em.
@JohnJHarwood No. He’s saying if I don’t do what he thinks is right, I don’t share my country’s values. You used to blow the whistle on people who made such allegations. I get you don’t like Trump, but so long as someone is a Trump critic, you no longer hold them to account.
@JohnJHarwood Did you see Comey’s tweet? He said vote for Democrats. “All who believe in this country’s values must vote for Democrats this fall.” So if I vote for a Republican for Congress (which I will) I don’t believe in this country’s values? That’s the definition of partisanship.
When the heads of the FBI and CIA under Obama tweet partisan messages, you can’t blame Trump for thinking they acted like partisans during the transition. Especially when they briefed him on the dossier-which then leaked. This tweet by Comey is irresponsible.https://t.co/SzW6tMjNnq
“Obama hates cynical, dishonest politics — up until the moment he needs it.” https://t.co/D71ywch307
Very smart piece here by the former President of Georgia, whose country was invaded by Russia... https://t.co/oDAgHoHebf
The NYT papers over and cleans up a disgusting message to protect a candidate. If a Republican wrote what Delgado wrote, the NYT would try to force him out of the race. But here, they protect Delgado with a biased story because he’s a D. https://t.co/slFVFI8zqf
This story quotes Rabbi Yael Romer’s criticism of Congressman ⁦@JohnFasoNy⁩. They quote her like she’s just another resident of his district w/o telling readers she is a long-time Faso critic/activist who organized protests at Faso’s office. Bias. https://t.co/slFVFI8zqf
“The ADL has lost its way. It’s time for the group to reverse course...” https://t.co/FzMM4bDoel
If only: If POTUS yesterday had said “We and Russia can get along. On Iran, Syria, and non-proliferation, there is a lot we can do together. But when it comes to America’s elections, I have a three word message. Vladimir - knock it off.” Think how well Trump would be doing today.
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