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Former WH Press Secretary. I run a communications company whose clients are sports organizations, athletes & corporations. Go Yankees. Go Dolphins.

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Jim Acosta and the Hubris of Celebrity Journalism https://t.co/t135MEeBqi
This story is nuts. Solid nuts.

Before the internet, the same many millions must have been willing 2believe such nonsense, but old fashioned mail wasn’t an effective way 2reach them. Social media makes it easy to spread the truth - and junk like this. https://t.co/BLWW4zl3CR
You don’t defend the Constitution by infringing upon it. Our system’s political checks and balances work. Trump won’t fire Mueller because he knows doing so will hurt himself. But if he were dumb enough to do so, he has the right.
I 100% oppose any legislation to “protect” Mueller. Such a measure is an unconstitutional infringement on the powers of the presidency.
But just because it’s dumb doesn’t mean that Constitutionally he doesn’t have the right to do it. Everyone in the executive branch works for the President. He has the right to fire. Trump’s predecessors had that right. His successors will have that right. He has that right.
Many Rs who cut Trump some slack, even if they don’t always like him, will turn against him. Trump’s approval rating will plunge and he will be in credible danger of impeachment and possibly conviction.

Nothing Trump could do would be dumber than firing Mueller.
I’ve defended Bob Mueller since the day he was announced. I continue to do so. His work is important and the American people deserve to know what he finds - and doesn’t find.

If Trump/Whitaker were to fire him, it would boomerang on Trump severely. https://t.co/a8PujngUG3
Next move is Acosta’s. Let’s see if he learned anything from this. Will he keep giving his personal opinions? Will he keep asking four questions without yielding the mic? https://t.co/drhbertokF
According to the NYT, DeSantis is a “fiery conservative” while Gillum is a “Mayor”. Why isn’t Gillum labeled an “angry liberal” or a “left-wing advocate”? Why aren’t the labels a more parallel Congressman and Mayor? Nope. The R gets an ideological warning label. The D doesn’t.
Former press secretaries Fleischer, McCurry agree on Acosta behavior: 'I wish he would stop' https://t.co/7OPB1Akp5r
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