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Trump to sign executive order on social media following feud with Twitter

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Donald Trump's poolside parties in Florida were so creepy

Sam was a man of deep faith who was tough as nails. His Vietnam captors put him through Hell but he wouldn’t break. He came out with a stronger faith & a deeper love of country. From Korea to Vietnam to Congress, Americans owe Sam our enduring gratitude.

'He's not breathing. He's not breathing' Another video showing excessive force by police has been discovered

Shareeduh Tate, George Floyd's cousin, to @Yamiche : "as he was sitting there begging, begging repeatedly for somebody to hear him say, "I cannot breathe," they just chose to turn and look the other way."

Pay no attention to @realDonaldTrump 's rants about Twitter. He is desperate for you to focus on something - anything - other than the central issue: -100,000 dead Americans -nearly 40 million unemployed -an economy that has collapsed

Toronto city staff will paint circles on the grass at Trinity Bellwoods Park on Thursday to encourage visitors to the popular west end park to engage in physical distancing, Mayor John Tory says.

#BREAKING : Peter Manfredonia, UConn student wanted in connection with two homicides, home invasion and abduction, is in custody in Maryland.

The @WHO  announced the creation of the WHO Foundation, an independent grant-making entity that will support the U.N. agency's efforts and tap new funding from ‘non-traditional sources’

Facebook's Zuckerberg says government censoring social media not the 'right reflex'

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