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I write about the economy.

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Holy goodness, imagine the Ivanka Trump or Jared Kushner confirmation process.
Die and leave your papers to the NYT, I guess!
This is amazing, and (if I am reading right) leaves a big, juicy question unanswered: Who the heck gave the NYT all these tax documents? https://t.co/tIQxwIAvAL
I've just been told that I need a fax number in order to receive my own medical record, if anyone needs something lit on fire.
This is a stealth trillion-dollar tax cut aimed primarily at the very wealthy: https://t.co/9wrDzpvVr7
Alcohol taxes. Alcohol taxes curb binge drinking, underage drinking, and hit heavy drinkers the hardest. Alcohol taxes. They are a good idea. Alcohol taxes.
Here's a nice, short calming and centering meditation guided by Tara Brach: https://t.co/yzm9R898A3
the doppler and your own hand stuck out your own window: the only weather information you can trust
A fun twist from the writers: There are currently how many heads of state, sherpas, and other foreign officials hanging out together in New York for UNGA, watching whatever it is happening happen.
D.C. in general has a mystifying shortage of good sandwich shops. (Not to say the ones that are here aren't good!)
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