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I write about the economy.

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I should accept all these pitches, go to all these events, meet with all these millionaire teenagers, and write a single story from them.
Journo PSA: Write a story, any story, about Bitcoin, receive the most amazingly and entertainingly deranged PR emails for the rest of time.
Lots of crummy things cause misery and reshape the economy without causing a recession!
I find the argument that student loan debt is not a systemic crisis because it is unlikely to cause a recession so strange.
a #teen in penn station just dragged me for having a velcro wallet so today really has had it all eh
People really misunderstand the history of government cheese.
57. What happens during hurricanes? Snowstorms?
58. What happens if shipping costs go up?
59. Will you provide more food during school vacations?
60. Should folks in remote areas get more food? Folks in high-cost areas?
55. Will companies be able to lobby to change the contents of the boxes?
56. Will the government accept free food from companies?
57. Will the government put food samples in the boxes?
58. How often will the government re-evaluate the food and calorie counts?
51. Do you get a dollar value per kid, or a calorie value?
52. More calories for older kids?
53. Does the box change based on family composition?
54. Won't this food be similar to what's offered at food banks? Does that matter?
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