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I write about the economy.

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Among other things, this is a stellar lesson in data massaging: https://t.co/VW2QqXSbiR
Turn on, tune in, drop out of the Nasdaq and take it private at 420.
So thrilled to have been long-listed for the FT & McKinsey Business Book of the Year award, especially given the stellar company! https://t.co/7BFZkhNomN
Some part of me wishes an actual socialist -- public takeover of banking, transportation, energy, higher education, etc. -- would run just to help with some rhetorical adjustment.
I would happily read @david_marchese interviewing a dining room table, so no wonder this is interview with Kathleen Turner is so freaking great: https://t.co/tRvoypDwiM
And if you hurt them and treat them like garbage some become afraid of you.
Also, minor pet peeve: Livestock tend to be unsocialized around and afraid of humans, who take their kids, cut off their horns, brand and tag them, etc. They're not aggressive; they're terrified.
The goats came from a business called "We Rent Goats": https://t.co/KtIb9ow7Na
@jpodhoretz @DKThomp Gestures towards short-termism -- it arguably reduces productivity/profitability in the long run. Plus why do buybacks rather than dividends? Plus why take on debt to do buybacks?
With the money it has spent on buybacks, McDonald's could have given all of its 2 million employees a $4,000 raise. CVS could have given its employees $18,000 each. https://t.co/krcGrmYy9R
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