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A decent chance that the U.S. is about to lose control over the presidency of the World Bank: https://t.co/PWTrqBn32B
(In all seriousness: Another banger of a story on hospital billing practices from one of the best reporters I know!)
Amazing @sarahkliff story on the perils of vanity philanthropic naming rights: https://t.co/FS3nz95Ksl
This kind of statement reflects that, and would leave a lot of folks very worried if there were a true financial panic, here or abroad, for Treasury to manage.
It's also seen a remarkable exodus of the non-political civil servants who have navigated these things.
Treasury has very few political staffers who lived through the last crisis, or the crisis before that, or the crisis before that.
One thing about this totally bizarre "don't panic about that thing you weren't panicking about" readout: https://t.co/Uo3L3s5MXv
(How on earth is that helping regular folks save for college!)
Mind blowing tax minutiae I learned today: A wealthy couple can seed a baby's 529 college savings account with ~*$140,000*~ worth of assets in ~*one year*~, with gains tax-free when used for qualified educational expenses.
News-language pet peeve: Stories that differentiate between "residents" of a given place and "homeless" people in that place. People who are unsheltered or in unstable housing situations are very much residents!
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