Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

Pale, awkward and very very small. Form an orderly queue, gents.

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ANYTIME!!! I’m gonna start training to go a full 7 minutes without blinking. 🕑

I still have this too!!! 💪🏻👊🏻

Today’s the day ❤️ Watch LOVE LIFE on HBO MAX

I’m home now, but damn. This emergency alert just popped up. Stay safe out there everyone.

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I mean. They couldn’t stop themselves from blatantly escalating things. Even for a few days, even cynically, even for the optics.

I don’t know enough to speak on a lot of this, but I know angsty suburban white boys. If you want to break shit to live out your teenage anarchist fantasy, do it on your own time. If you think you’re doing that shit to show how MUCH u care about black lives, ur deluding yourself.

And you aren’t the ones who will be held accountable.

This week I’ve been donating to different places as they get suggested, and most recently, this centralized place to donate to a lot of worthy causes at once. ⬇️

@EW  Oh. I thought we stopped doing this “actress makes a dumb joke about the cold weather but we turn it into clickbait anyway” shit in like 2014. U okay hun?


Oh God. I just realized I'm stuck with me my whole life.

I guess I’ll never be able to lie to myself again about all the shit I would do if I just had the time.

I told BTS that their fans are very passionate and when they saw I’d be sitting with them, they told me to look out for them. So if they need a snack or whatever, I’m on it. ?? #GRAMMYs 

Sweatpants without pockets, you can fuck all the way off.

I didn’t text you back because I couldn’t find the right gif.

Dear Yahoo: how do I get to this timeline where I've slept with Enrique Iqlesias please and thank you.

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Ghosting: because I’d rather look like an asshole than let you slowly find out that I suck.

"Locker room banter" implies "C'mon, this is how men talk about women." Like it's to be expected. That's the grossest part of all.