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  3. so these are all the answers to your questions on #mtvasks 😘😘
So these are all the answers to your questions on #MTVAsks 😘😘 https://t.co/PbtAKIyPLX


Massive thanks to all @StandComedyClub. You really are bloody brilliant. Always a pleasure to do our @StandardIssueUK shows in you each fringe. Truly one of the very best comedy rooms in the UK. Check out their shows this @edfringe.
These are the 9 best sunscreens to use this summer. ☀️https://t.co/qEjbBjDqts
Generation gaps are a thing of the past. There are no "eras" anymore bc everything is happening right now. Art used to be disconnected as a result of time passing affecting relevance but everything is available always now. Clothing.. comedy... theater..films..they're all current.
Are you and your teen exploring options after high school? This guide can help along the process. https://t.co/HS5vDW2yzp
The @MTV #VMAs are right around the corner, and we have all the information you need to know: https://t.co/jhdw06AhrL
Here are all the confirmed and rumoured #StrictlyComeDancing contestants https://t.co/omsLsVtbgH
"If a kid has dreadlocks that's your personal standard. That means that is a personal problem that you have not overcome because 95% of the kids who have dreadlocks are African-American." https://t.co/OU5rE79Ab4
Take more time to listen to your heart, filtering through all the offerings that come in.
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