Angela Rayner MP

Angela Rayner MP

Proud to serve Ashton-under-Lyne, Droylsden & Failsworth as Labour MP. Shadow Secretary of State for Education. (E)

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The Tories and Lib Dems stole the pensions of @WASPI_Campaign  women. #Marr 

Brexit will not get done by 2021, EU chief negotiator admits in leaked recording that blows hole in Boris Johnson promise. You cannot believe a word this PM says vote him out! #VoteLabour2019  #VoteForALabourGovernment  #RealChange  🌹

Tory supporters on here now telling me where l was wrong on the #C4Debate  I am sorry l turned up to be scrutinised. Labour will not hide from debate or scrutiny, you failed to send anybody because yr record of Austerity and Failure would be exposed in full view! #VoteLabour  🌹

I did have a chuckle tonight on #bbcqt  when all the issues facing our country in one of the most important general elections in decades l get the question...... Will l nationalise sausages? 🤔 My answer was no for the record 😁 #VoteLabour12December  #GeneralElection19  🌹

PM Hides in a fridge? Aide swearing at GMB reporter? How will you stand up to Putin or Trump whilst hiding in a Fridge? Pathetic, was Jacob-Rees-Mogg hiding in there too? Do you want this timid PM back for 5 more years? #VoteLabour  #VoteLabourOnThursdayOnThursday 

Tories are banking on a low turnout from younger voters. Please turn out and vote tomorrow, our Education, Environment, Anti-Austerity, Anti-Poverty, Housing, Animal Welfare, Housing policies can only be put in place if you vote tomorrow #VoteLabourOnThursday  #VoteLabour  🌹