Angel Haze

Angel Haze

sylvia plath duct taped & trapped in a rapper. @angelhaze on IG ??

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i miss havin twitter fights. i hate that i became such a refined above it all queen. Lmao i miss bullyin niggas just bc but thank u for my growth lord.

I aint never met a nigga that could take a bitch from me 😂

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lets all write a poem together. Im bored. ill start the first line

if home is a feeling, then it lives right here


honestly, yall gotta stop acting like nicki minaj doesnt deserve all that she has. she came from nothing & worked hard to create an empire that opened not just doors but the eyes of little girls everywhere. give people love while there is still time. hate is so empty.

Wtf @donaldglover  is retiring childish gambino!?????? Im so grateful for you and all the music youve given us. ?? long live the king.

what i like about her is that she blooms whether you water her or not. whether you give her light or not. she exists without your existence.

how can this b a fucking mugshot??? how can i be his future babymama???

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i hope you find someone who speaks your language, so you dont have to spend a lifetime translating your spirit

God gon bring it all together. Watch

Women plz start supporting each other. Plz do not give in to the notion that only one of us can exist/shine at a time. We made everything.

Your 20s should be about addressing your own toxicity and turning trauma to triumph.

I really really really like what @Harry_Styles  is doing. ?

when u feel like u were born in a world you dont fit in; its bc u were born to help create a new one.