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Good morning, football! 6 games early 4 games late After you watch Panthers - Buccaneers@nflnetwork  … I’ll see you @DIRECTV  @RedZoneChannel  at 12:55 ET.

Today’s will be Bill Callahan’s first game as an @NFL  head coach since Week 17, 2003. Drew Brees is the only remaining active player from that game, a 21-14 Raiders loss to the San Diego Chargers.

The up and down, week-to-week, nature of this league never ceases to amaze. Two weeks ago, Jameis Winston beat the Rams in Los Angeles and everyone wanted to throw him a parade.

Note that surprised me this week: Bengals have beaten the Ravens 2 out of the last 3 meetings…and 8 out of the last 11.

Free kick. Like a penalty kick in soccer, but different. That was great!

Dolphins have been outscored 81-0 in the second half this season. 81-0.

Congratulations to @SethSiciliano  for demolishing his career best by seven full minutes. 2:50:48 in the Chicago Marathon!

Mike Vrabel won't make a QB announcement now. He says he'll make the decision tonight or tomorrow.

Marcus Peters trade is all about need. Micah Kiser and Clay Matthews are injured. Marcus Peters is in a contract year. David Long was a 3rd round pick in April.


Ignore all other 2018 numbers. THIS is the @NFL  stat of the year: @DeAndreHopkins : 115 receptions 0 dropped passes

Net for the 3 major Raiders trades. Raiders give up: Khalil MackAmari Cooper 2019 3rd round 2019 5th round 2020 2nd round 2020 6th round In exchange for: Antonio Brown 2019 1st round 2019 1st round 2020 1st round 2020 2nd round 2020 5th round

Keep re-tweeing this. 👇🏻 #SaluteToService  It means $ for our veterans.

Packers and Patriots aren’t scheduled to play each other again until 2022. Unless they meet in the Super Bowl, there is a very good chance tonight is the last time Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are on the same field.

There are nearly 2,900 players on the combined 32 @NFL  rosters right now. Only one player is refusing to participate because he doesn’t like his helmet.

Colts Ravens Seahawks Lions Eagles Giants Saints ======== 0-14

Manny Machado = $300 million One .300 season One 100+ RBI season One top-10 WAR season Never hit 40 homers Never stolen more than 20 bases Good luck, San Diego!

I’m old enough to remember when Cam Newton would have jumped over the goal line with ease on 4th down.