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Andrew Brandt

Exec Director Moorad Center, Villanova; NFL Biz Insider, Amazon; Columnist, TheMMQB; Business of Sports Podcast. Dad, triathlete, former Packers/ESPN.#neverpeak

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Sunday morning quote: "The best decisions have little to no immediate payoff. The best choices compound. Most of the benefits come at the end, not the beginning. The more patient you are, the bigger the payoff." -Shane Parrish

Remember when the Bengals were ascending and the Chargers were descending? Week-to-week league.

Jets edition: Kickers are like lawyers, never truly appreciated until you need a good one.

Jaguars are the cure for what ails. #Rams 

2021 compensation to Teddy Bridgewater Broncos: $4 million Panthers: $7 million.


Am being told the accurate quote to the Bears fans was this: "I've owned you all my f-ing life! I own you, I still own you. #AaronRodgers  Extra savage.

This is everything we need to learn about ego and living in the moment. In one sound bite. I just became a forever fan..

Derek Carr used this national interview to specifically praise a teammate. I just became a forever fan.

And my favorite undrafted free agent story ever: Negotiated with player directly, no agent. Told him we had a deal, bonus would be $1,000. He said (no joke): "Mr. Brandt, I only have $200 now but I promise I will bring the rest when I get there." I said "No, no. We pay you."

A lot of NFL owners and executives calling their IT guys tonight..

It is interesting that NFL teams that never gave a thought to signing @Kaepernick7  are now all in on why he was protesting.

The NFL got Gruden out with the leaks; mission accomplished. But the public/fans/media is going to want to know more about these 650,000 emails. Wasn't this case about the toxic workplace of the Washington Football Club? This feels like this is just the beginning, not the end.