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Andrew Brandt

Exec Director Moorad Center, Villanova; NFL Biz Insider, Amazon; Columnist, TheMMQB; Business of Sports Podcast. Dad, triathlete, former Packers/ESPN.#neverpeak

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Just recorded interview with NFL agent Buddy Baker, who suffered unspeakable loss of both parents, to #COVID19 , within 6 minutes. Heart wrenching conversation, up later today.

Off to teach sports law/business @zoom_us . Threw away Syllabus a month ago, now all about effect of COVID-19 on sports. #Villanova 

New podcast bringing two of my worlds together: inside look at two of @vaynersports  rookie class as they await NFL Draft. Enjoy @N_Thornberry  and @ProwayDarnay 

NFL general managers and coaches are stewards of $2 billion assets yet we’re all worried they can’t properly operate a computer. #NFLDraft2020 

True story (abbreviated, not Packers): GM calls another team, makes trade, high fives all around, announces it through team PR. NFL calls next day, wonders what he's talking about. GM had forgot or didn't think to call/email trade to NFL. Trade fell through.

Thursday morning quote: “I had an epiphany when I was at a celebrity party and it suddenly dawned on me that I had yet to meet a celebrity who is as smart and interesting as any of my friends.” ― Moby

The Rams are going to be well short of a full (Cap) deck this year. Brandin Cooks alone will count almost $22M while playing for the Texans. Oy.


Antonio Brown Cap Charge to @steelers  in 2019: On Roster: $22.1 million Off Roster: $21.1 million Translation: he's not going anywhere.

Bryce Harper just got $330 million. Guaranteed. Largest NFL guarantee ever - Kirk Cousins, $84 million. In the business of sports, NFL players sit at the children's table.

Every NFL team has had three years to have a private workout with Kaepernick. And we’re to believe now they’ll have interest because the NFL hastily sets up a workout for all? Please. This never made any sense.

It was only a matter of time before this...

Jake Butt plays Bowl game, gets hurt, slips to 5th round. Fournette and McCaffrey sat out Bowl, went top 8 overall. Players will take note.

Dodgers are paying Matt Kemp $32M to play for someone else. No NFL player is making $32M to play for his own team. Different world.