Joe Bidens America

The truth is, there are millions of Joe Bidens in America, steeped in the racial reflexes of another time. All of them must change. And any of them who proposes to lead us all needs to publicly own their limitations on race and tell us what they’re doing to get better.

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Joe Bidens America

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Buying the latest designer shoe or handbag isn’t exactly top of mind in a pandemic, and experts predict this “recession economy mindset” will have major ripple effects on shopping patterns, spending, and the success of major brands.

New from me and @dmrider ⁩: We know municipal homes have seen lower COVID-19 death rates, so we dug a little deeper. Data provided the Star shows a significant wage and benefits gap between municipal and for-profit/non-profit long-term care workers.

Tear gas fired at protesters, angry at the death of unarmed George Floyd, who was pinned down by a policeman in Minnesota, US

It's a far cry from a year ago, when Hong Kong protesters managed to thwart a bill that would allow extraditions to China

Poland to scrap compulsory outdoor masks, reopen cinemas as coronavirus abates

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Federal records show OSHA worked for six years to create new rules to prepare for an airborne infectious disease pandemic. The Obama White House formally added it to a list of regulations to be implemented in 2017. Then President Trump took office.

George Floyd killing: sister says police officers should be charged with murder

Strong wind sends man flying as deadly #hurricane  hits Russia's Urals DETAILS:

Voldemorting—using elaborate, strangely interpretable synonyms in place of a particular name or a word—is the internet phenomenon of hiding a word in plain sight. It is the anti-SEO, the anti-keyword, the anti-hashtag.