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Cuomo didn’t order ventilators and Obama didn’t replenish the N95 mask federal stockpile

Jim Acosta’s not a news reporter. He’s a self-aggrandizing narcissist.  Exactly what America doesn’t need during the pandemic.  He should wear a mask and a dunce cap.

Andrew Cuomo is obstructing doctors from prescribing New Yorkers access to potentially life-saving hydroxychloroquine. The governor is failing the people of New York AGAIN.

Abandoned little puppy is SO big now 💕

With U.S. medical experts and even President Trump now estimating the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic could reach 240,000 nationwide, the sheer practicalities of death — where to put the bodies — are worrying just about everyone.

The media, “experts,” and Democrats are trying to make it impossible for the president to even consider rational options for opening parts of the economy.  And, of course, some of these governors won’t reconsider their decisions in some areas, either.

“We have to be willing to fail, to be wrong, to start over again with lessons learned.” Watch Angela Lee Duckworth's full TED Talk here: