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Amy Siskind, President and Co-Founder of The New Agenda. Siskind is an advocate for women's, LGBTQ rights, equality. http://bit.ly/2d0BuwB

Latest Scoops

Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you so you'll remember.
Week 57 (3/3): https://t.co/p1cPjXUZ7u
This is my thought for all of us today: we are living through a historical moment, and We the People will save us. #resist
Yes, it’s getting worse. It’s not just Trump-he has installed a regime to deconstruct the agencies they run, strip away rights and regulations, and make science and educational information disappear. He is tearing apart our fragile democracy and seizing power. Wake up America!
This is so not normal - disappearing words and data! https://t.co/Dec0b8RRh1
The Republicans didn’t get the message on Nov 7th. They most certainly did not get the message this past Tuesday. But I assure you they will get the message next November!
Watch developments in Mueller’s investigation related to Deutsche Bank and Cambridge Analytica. The key to ridding ourselves of this corrupt regime (plus prison time) are in one or both of these storylines.
Wow! -> The president and CEO of the conservative advocacy group The Family Leader says Americans have a right to know about Trump’s sexual misconduct. https://t.co/eLRELLpopG
There is real possibility to take down this GOP tax scam. We need to all have our voices heard tomorrow. November 2018 is not far away (remind them)! ☎️☎️☎️☎️
This is a biggie! I believe the biggest unturned rock is Cambridge Analytica and the data operation company's role in actual voting results.
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