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Amy Siskind, President and Co-Founder of The New Agenda. Siskind is an advocate for women's, LGBTQ rights, equality. http://bit.ly/2d0BuwB

Latest Scoops

Another chilling piece by Carole Cadwalladr on an insider at Cambridge Analytica and how, at the behest of Bannon and Mercer, the company strategically set out to steal data on US voters and influence their vote and our election. https://t.co/zMlGuhp9Tm
The storm in Trump's head has become the chaos in our lives and has impacted people's lives at a very personal level - including w/in the regime, Donald Jr. and now Scavino. Blink twice if need our help Melania! https://t.co/MOtudfcFU8
We are getting closer and closer to linking Cambridge Analytica, who worked for the Trump campaign and got a big check from the Mercers, to Russia. This was all very well organized - the plot to interfere with our democracy. https://t.co/27om9XXoiG
There needs to be consequences! 50 million Facebook users had their data leaked to the Trump campaign! https://t.co/kbzfUr4elm
A Kirkus star, and now a strong review from Sunday @washingtonpost for THE LIST - our trail guide back to normal, and a reference book for now with 100 pages of triple-spaced footnotes. Information is power!
Pre-order here: https://t.co/LNPI0s2RSl https://t.co/tajZtMiANe
In case you missed it yesterday: 50 million Facebook users had our data stolen and used by the Trump campaign via Cambridge Analytica in 2016. AND our data is still out there. Facebook must also be held accountable!https://t.co/nj2tdfvFRI
Week 70 has 158 not normal items, tied for the longest.
This week Trump is reportedly joyful, feeling liberated to act on his impulses and authoritarian instincts.
See what you missed in the chaos. https://t.co/SjNyo7Exjc
The dots are getting connected:
“I kept asking Alexander, ‘Can you explain to me what they want?’” he said, referring to Mr. Nix. “I don’t understand why Lukoil wants to know about political targeting in America.” https://t.co/y52jmCkHrS
In case there was any doubt of who was behind the McCabe firing. He couldn’t even wait until the next morning to take credit.
This is from my POLITICO 50 interview last summer. I continue to believe we have only scratched the surface of Bannon and Mercer’s role through Cambridge Analytica of working with Russia to interfere with our election.
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