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Amy Siskind, President and Co-Founder of The New Agenda. Siskind is an advocate for women's, LGBTQ rights, equality. http://bit.ly/2d0BuwB

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The Butina arrest is the biggest development in months in the Mueller probe. This signals a money trail from a foreign adversary to the Trump campaign which is illegal. She and Torshin were in contact with Donald Jr. and met him at a NRA event. The walls are closing in!
In Week 86, @mcclatchy reported Mueller’s team likely had the info on who gave the $21MM of dark money via the @NRA to Trump’s campaign. The arrest of Russia’s Butina, who worked with Torshin, means Russia. It is illegal for foreigners to donate to a US election. $ trail got them
Unless Congress acts it will only get worse. That has been the pattern throughout the time I have been tracking Trump: he pushes boundaries and unless there is pushback, he pushes yet further. There has been no pushback on Russia at all.
What you are seeing right now in real time is treason. And some quiet accomplices back at home.
Hard to believe what is happening right in front of our eyes: a foreign adversary installed a puppet regime in our county that he now controls. The world order has shifted. And inexplicably our own elected officials are doing nothing about it, even after DNI Coats warning.
Why aren't Democrats - TONIGHT - holding a press conference about Trump having a 90 minutes, closed-door meeting with Putin tomorrow? Days after another round of indictments for interfering with our democracy? Why aren't you fighting for us?!
Trump, who has access to all our country's secrets, and conveniently ignores that Russia threw the election in his favor, is about to meet with the man who installed him and is still interfering, alone, for 90 minutes.
The Republicans have nothing to say about this
RED ALERT!!!!https://t.co/gAKNyhmkc0
This is the 3rd time in 4 weeks that Trump has referred to the media as the “enemy” of the people, including the week 5 were killed at the Capital Gazette.
I wish our media would stop normalizing this man and just say out loud what is right in front of us: Trump knows Putin helped put him into office and has known all along. Trump will do nothing to stop further meddling, in fact he welcomes it. Trump is a puppet to Putin.
When interviewers ask me: surely Trump must have done something good so far, I answer yes: he is the wind behind #MeToo and the most powerful women’s movement in decades! https://t.co/lt4wSLV5VB
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