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We take injustice personally and won't stop until human rights are enjoyed by all. Join us!

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"I will defend the rights of my sisters until my last breath." @AtenaDaemi was jailed for 7 years in #Iran for opposing the #deathpenalty. She also championed the #humanrights of #women. Help free her. #W4R18✍🏽✍🏾✍🏿 https://t.co/qHM4Um13bv
She was shot dead for protecting human rights in #Brazil. Demand justice for #MarielleFranco. #SayHerName #W4R18 ✍🏽✍🏾✍🏿 https://t.co/wACiqzGjxm
We stand in solidarity with @AIIndia and all the human rights workers and activists in India. @narendramodi, strong leaders don’t bully charities. #AbkiBaarMaanavAdhikaar 🕯
We wrote a letter with 60 organisations, @Snowden & others calling on Google CEO to & p#DropDragonflyrotect whistle-blowers.

Thank you for quo@RepCicillineting it at the . when #GoogleHearingar@sundarpichaie we going to get real answers? https://t.co/Jmc6pzBdbB
Google CEO Sundar Pichai on launching censored search in #China at #GoogleHearing:

We have no plans right now.
We have no plans right now.
We have no plans right now.

Sign this so that "right now" becomes "never." https://t.co/oQGgXOkVza
@geoffreyfowler @sundarpichai Dear Google CEO @sundarpichai ,

Do not pass Go on Project Dragonfly.
Do not collect huge profits from China.
Do not help send Chinese dissidents directly to Jail.

An #DropDragonflyd ? https://t.co/YwN782ZsIk
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Has Google lost the plot? As #googlehearing continues, Sundar Pichai's biggest fan defends Project Dragonfly, the censored search engine being developed for #China.
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A #googlehearing @googlet CEO Sundar Pichai said he wants to "serve users everywhere. "

If he thinks he will “serve” people in China by censoring the internet & putting their freedom at risk – he’s wrong. How about #DropDragonfly?
Google CEO @sundarpichai just told U.S. Congress "Users look to us to provide accurate, trusted information."

Except in #China. right?
We're right behind you @sundarpichai. Just to remind you to #DropDragonfly (in case you forget.)
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