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We take injustice personally and won't stop until human rights are enjoyed by all. Join us!

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Taibeh Abbasi’s classmates started a global protest to stop #Norway deporting her family to danger in Afghanistan, fighting all year to finish high school together. Yesterday, they graduated. Congratulations! #AbbasiStays 🎓 🙌 🎉
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Millions of people in #Yemen are on the brink of famine. But an unlawful port blockade by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition is preventing life-saving aid from reaching them. Read our full report. https://t.co/9vka0PPG3m
Today’s heart-breaking decision to keep our colleague in jail is yet another travesty of justice. We will not stop repeating #FreeTaner.
An utter travesty of justice: Taner will remain in prison. Next hearing will be 7 November. #Turkey, be sure of this: We will not rest until Taner is free and the charges against #Istanbul10 are cleared. #FreeTaner
Today we're waiting impatiently to see whether our colleague & human rights defender Taner Kılıç will be released. His wife & daughters have now been waiting for more than a year. must .#Turkey#FreeTaner
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#FreeTaner: We are in Istanbul outside the court where the hearing in the case of Taner and the Istanbul 10 resumes today. Follow us as we speak on FB Live now → https://t.co/lqLWuHoMI2
Our colleague & friend has#TanerKılıç been wrongfully imprisoned in for#Turkey a whole year, although he is innocent. Defending human rights should NOT put you behind bars. Show your support for Tanner now, imm#FreeTanerediatelyhttps://t.co/GeLPoOp3mK
Meet Carlos. He was just 3 y.o. when the #US Government put him and his mom behind bars. With your help, we got him out. But now he wants his friends to be free too, because #FamiliesBelongTogether.
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On #WorldRefugeeDay, let’s defend the things that unite us as human beings—like a name & a personal story—and refuse to let fear and prejudice win. See the person, not the label, because !#MyNameIsNotRefugee
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